Sweet Flea-Market Finds Again x5:

~Only picked up two figures at The Dirt-Mall this Saturday...  The "Toy-Dealers" are taking over, it sucks.  There are, like; five of them now- and they all go out in teams first thing in the morning and buy up anything regular people have for cheap to resale at their booths for ridiculous prices.  I'm going to have to start getting there at 6:30AM just to be able to find anything. And even then- they've got ten guys going through the entire thing, and I'm just one man.
What's really sad is that none of them even know their shit. It's aggravating. But I digress...


The New Warriors #15

The New Warriors is a great series (then and now), and damn is 1991's issue #15 is a super fun fucking read! I do have most of the run... but this was one I was always missing.  -Can't remember the last time I had this much fun reading an old back-issue!!!

"Don't ever fuckin' call me kid-fucking-Nova again...  seriously. I'm ALL MAN now!"