Steve Ditko: Spaceknight

Sal Buscema is fucking great! 
                             -But that has nothing to do with anything. 

A friendly rebuttal to: http://romspaceknightart.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-emperors-new-clothes.html

Let me explain: I love Sal Buscema's artwork.  Always have.  I have every issue of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man that he drew, and have since a very young age. That's the title I was first introduced to him on.  -And continued to get monthly from there... 
I have every issue of any Spider-Man title he has worked on.  And in my opinion; not only was Spectacular continually the best Spider-Man title, but NO ONE does Spider-Man (or his rogues) better than "Our Pal" Sal!  I'm currently working on getting all of his Incredible Hulk issues.  And of course- I have just about every ROM: Spaceknight issue...  BUT just because I love Sal Buscema's art so much- does not mean I'm going to, or should, hate Steve Ditko's... 

 -Steve Ditko / Brett Breeding, ROM #63


Sweet Flea-Market Finds:

~For anyone who does not know- I absolutely love going out to the local Dirt-Mall. I always find comics, action-figures, and/or games on the cheap (I used to make YouTube videos about my hauls), and I just got back from my first visit in 2014.
 Of course, being winter still- there are no outside vendors... and that's who always has the really good stuff. The indoor vendors are always the same people, and most of them seldomly have new merchandise. At any rate; there are two booths inside that always have back-issue-bargain-bins, and here's what I picked up for only 33.333333 cents each:


Nobody's Favorite Superhero: Captain Atom (Part 2)

About the title: I often joke that Captain Atom is nobody's favorite superhero- partially because it's true, but also just because it makes me laugh. I kid- because I love! Not because I hate. There are too many sites out there devoted to hating comics. -They are part of the problem. This blog is about the joy that comics bring. Intentionally, or unintentionally... The little things that make you laugh. -It's about how fun comics can be. And in today's case- how fucking awesome!

In issue #30: Captain Atom finds out that his son, 22 year old daughter, her 44 year old fiance (who is his best friend, and her Godfather... and also black), and their Stepfather (you know- General Eiling: Nathaniel Adam's adversary who hooked up with his wife while he was MIA), and his Father (who does not know "Cameron Scott" is the titular Captain Atom) (Yeah- it's a very complicated family dynamic) are all vacationing on a yacht near an area where Black Manta is allegedly up to something nefarious. *phew*
-So, the good Captain flies out to check on them/keep them safe/investigate covertly. 
Needless to say he does find Manta's operation, and is immediately captured:


Demo-taint must DIE!:

-Demogoblin's taint...
Web of Spider-Man #95

Speaking of unintentional double entendre- Captain Atom Annual #2:


-Little Things In Comics: Fuckin' NOVA!!!

It's the fucking little things in fucking comics that make me fucking laugh... like how often Nova fucking curses:


There's always more after the fuckin' jump!


-Little Things In Comics: Nova!

It's the little things in comics that make me laugh... like when I'm reading Nova #1 and have to wonder to myself: Did... did Richard Rider's eyes just puke?:

-Yes, yes they did...
Mountain Dew is TERRIBLE for you, you guys!

So, in this issue- Gladiator shows up for a fight:


~Let's talk titties:

Yup, Iceman just made Robbie Baldwin fall face first into She-Hulk's bewbs!
You know, I can't help but think that was an elaborate plan the two had discussed beforehand. -Actually, the way Speedball's powers work; that must have made for some instant, and rapid, motorboating!
(From The Infinity Crusade #1)

-It's not the first time, either. The man knows what he likes... 



-Got the munchies???

Captain Mar-Vell can help!:
"Those who resort to violence have run out of ideas!"
-Even in an advertisement for snack-cakes; he's awesome as fuck.


Little Things: Cosmic Edition!

~Sometimes you end up laughing out loud because shit's just THAT bad-ass!
Case in point- this sequence from Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1:



The Little Things In Comics: Malibu Edition!!!

Oh, you know it's the littlest things in comics that will make me laugh... like every single time Smoke says "Toasty!" in Mortal Kombat: Battlewave-

From issue #2:
 (Loved the little 'No Smoking' sign, too!)

Then again in issue #3:


It's the unexpected things in comics...

... that will make you laugh.
-Like when right in the middle of the 100% serious, not comical at all, second issue of Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising- randomly, and completely out of nowhere, this just... happens:

The Thing: Comic relief...

-And we all know Ben Grimm is a pretty tough guy! He'd gladly go one-on-one, toe-to-toe, with the likes of Doctor Doom, Annihilus, or Blastaar... But there's only so much one (cosmically-irradiated, orange, rocky) man can take:


It’s still the little things…

...in comics that make me laugh.
Like when they gave Thor an intervention!:
 photo thor430.jpg 
...from Thor #430
I guess being the alter-ego of a super-hero would really make you look more than just scatter-brained or forgetful... I'm surprised no one ever accused Peter Parker of being on Meth.
...because he acts like he's on Methamphetamines.


The Fantastic Four Roast #1:

Finally- here are my favorite jokes from Marvel's Fantastic Four Roast #1 from 1982! Hosted (and written) by:

 photo FantasticFourRoast11.jpg

The Whizzer has to... you know......
 photo FantasticFourRoast.jpg
Sorry, Stark- only ONE man can make a cuckold out of Reed!:


It’s the little things…

...in comics that always make me laugh.

-Like an "UNUSED" garbage-chute:
-Really? How fucking convenient... Fuck you, Ultraseven! -You belong in actual trash!!!


~More 'Little Things'...

Because it's the little things in comics that make me laugh… things like "hey, m' butt's on fire!!" from Entity's Zen: Intergalactic Ninja #3:
-Poor Garbage-Man... his butt is on fire.

...or there's that one time Zen's "Hypership Battle-Pod" had a clearly visible giant robo-penis in Intergalactic Ninja: StarQuest #6: