It’s still the little things…

...in comics that make me laugh.
Like when they gave Thor an intervention!:
 photo thor430.jpg 
...from Thor #430
I guess being the alter-ego of a super-hero would really make you look more than just scatter-brained or forgetful... I'm surprised no one ever accused Peter Parker of being on Meth.
...because he acts like he's on Methamphetamines.

Speaking of Meth- this little towheaded, grade-school pimp/drug-pusher (and best friend to Deathlok's son) is totally legit 90's radical and not written by an out-of-touch adult at all... *cough*

 photo deathlok6.jpg
From Deathlok #6
"I gotta make this kid seem identifiable to the younger readers... What is it my kid wouldn't shut up about for Christmas this year? Nintendos??? -Something like that, whatever... I gotta deadline."
When I first read this I was confused for a second. I was like: 'Why does he have multiple Nintendo Entertainment Systems?'   I always called them NES Games, or sometimes Carts (short for cartridges)... or just by the title of the game itself! -But I have never heard anyone reference multiple Nintendo Games as "Nintendos" before.  Have you?  ...Did you???

"Nick, buddy! I got the new Battletoads, Strider, and Godzilla: Monster of Monsters Nintendos if you wanna play... yo!  Also, I have drugs!  ...and some bitches that are down for ANYTHING."

Back to Thor #430- there was a really cool moment with Piledriver & the guest-starring Ghost Rider:
-That's no costume! Hahaha!!!
Now whenever I see Ghost Rider I won't be able to help but think: "You're just bones! BONES!!!"

Also- Deathlok's got jokes:
 photo deathlok7.jpg
Deathlok #7
~And speaking of The Thing- that will lead into the next edition of 'Little Things...'
Keep reading those funny books!!!


  1. damn, what's up with Eric and that bull dyke mullet!?

    1. Hey, the early 90's were a crazy time!

    2. by the way that's cool you've got Swamp Thing as part of your logo in the masthead. back in the day when my comic book collection was at it's height my DC portion was made up mostly of The Suicide Squad and The Swamp thing. check out this ST water color painting I did all the way back in 98, go to the bottom of this page http://suicidesquadtaskforcex.blogspot.com/

    3. Noice, dudge!
      Yeah- I used some of my favorite characters for that image. It was VERY hard to narrow down... and I kinda cheated with the exclamation-point.
      Swamp Thing was/is THE SHIT. First comic of his I ever had back when I was a kid was Vol 2 #45... It was a Moore, was a haunted-house/ghost story, AND had Constantine in it. "The sound of the hammers must never stop." -Stayed with me forever... It came in one of those generic bundled 3-packs they used to sell in toy-stores. A 'Mature-Readers' book, no less... -Loved the movies back then, the cartoon, the series they made on the Sci Fi Channel. R.i.P. Dick Durock...