Little Things: Cosmic Edition!

~Sometimes you end up laughing out loud because shit's just THAT bad-ass!
Case in point- this sequence from Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1:

-So fucking awesome.

Now, I know the Galactus we see in the comics is just the version of himself he projects- as each sentient being perceives him as having a form resembling that of his own race... but:

(Galactus The Devourer #6)
Well... it's still better than a fucking cloud.

Galactus The Devourer #4:
-Did... did I just die in the Silver Surfer NES game?
I got'z NINTENDOS, yo!

Man, the way Surfer describes eating planets (in that same issue) is making me super-hungry... 

...hungry for delicious, fluffy, Hostess brand snack-cakes!
-And on that note: See you tomorrow.


  1. Bad ass with thanos dropping his hoe for his main.

    Glalactus a cloud ? Learn.something new everyday.

    Ha ha ha on that nes shot. Classic .

    Cool blog man!

    1. Yeah, Death makes him hard like no other...

      -Thanks for stopping by! I'm posting as I read- every day... So, check back!

      Ahhh, perhaps you were lucky enough NOT to see Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but (actually, I liked it a lot- except for the fact that) in it- Galactus was a giant fucking cloud. That's a shot of me in the car after the movie let out... six? / seven years ago now??? To answer your questions: Yes, yes- I took toys to the movie theater. And yes- that is an Ecko Unltd. Fantastic Four shirt.

      Also- FUCK that Nintendo game!

  2. I had that shitty game lol. Oh yeah i do remember my what the fuck momment when seeing that movie. I just thought they pussed out showing him and told myself he WAS in the cloud.have not thought about since i seen it when it came out.

    Ecko unlim gear never goes out of style!

    1. For as bad as that game was it was better then both spiderman and the xmen. Both terrible nes marvel games. Wolverine beats them all though i think in nes marvel games

    2. Man, as a kid- I loved playing that X-Man NES game with my friends... It's an absolutely horrible game, though- you're right. But Silver Surfer was always one of my favorite characters and I was always so mad that his game was nigh impossible!!!

      As for Rise of The Silver Surfer: Well, you had his head/helmet shadowed across Saturn (I think Saturn- some planet at any rate) and you could see his helmet silhouetted in the smokey-cloud briefly at some point... and you may have saw glowing eyes when Surfer flew up into him to fight him? And the cloud made a hand-ish shape once...
      So, I guess you could see it as him being IN it. My angry take-away was always that they made him have the form of a giant cloud, though. And then those little bits were just too little/too late nods to try and ward off any oncoming hate. Maybe because it was cheaper? Or because they did puss-out?
      Like how they made Parallax a poopy-diareaha-smog-monster with a stupid looking face in the Green Lantern movie. Because both of those options were SO much more practical/realistic/cool than the actual character designs for a villain in a COMIC BOOK movie! *sigh*