-Got the munchies???

Captain Mar-Vell can help!:
"Those who resort to violence have run out of ideas!"
-Even in an advertisement for snack-cakes; he's awesome as fuck.

Then: Thor has got your back, stoners!
So... Asgard is full of Twinkies... who knew?


  1. If only it was that simple. But hey, with the legalization of marijuana becoming more and more prevalent throughout the nation, perhaps this idea might actually work. Hey, no one's ever got stoned and started a war that I know off. They only thing a stoner will kill is all the food in in your fridgerator and cabinet.

    1. I know, right? As soon as businesses and the government see how much money and taxes they can make off potheads- they'll all be falling in line! Then there will be Twinkies for EVERYONE!!!

  2. Hey, someone obviously with a lot of stroke and financial power brought back Twinkies. Stoners love twinkies(anything else sweet or salty they can get their hands on) I smell a conspiracy brewing, and no, it's not what I had for dinner earlier;)

    1. Yeah- I was at the grocery-store the other day and I saw a mid-isle display of stacked boxes and I thought: wait... why/how are these even here? I bet they just raided Asgard's vaults.
      Twinkies are okay- not gross by any means- but if I am going to eat something like that; I can think of about 30 things I'd rather have instead. -A Banana Flip, Drake's Coffee Cake, Suzy Q's... a Zebra Cake. ...damn it, Dale! Now I have a sweetness-craving. I'm already Slug-like enough as it is!