-Little Things In Comics: Fuckin' NOVA!!!

It's the fucking little things in fucking comics that make me fucking laugh... like how often Nova fucking curses:


There's always more after the fuckin' jump!

And then...

And thennnn...

-SUCH a potty-mouth!

-And this was just in two issues!!!


  1. oh man the way Rich feels about his Nova helmet in that one panel is exactly how i feel about my computer and IT problems in general right now (more on that later). this is some good stuff i wonder why this Nova series was cancelled after only 18 issues that's weird. as for Gladiator vs Omac i'd go with Gladiator by in all fairness i dob't know the much about Omac.
    i hope you had a chance to see the links i added to my most recent posting for the Bill Mantlo Marvel Age article on Cloak & Dagger and the Rom 8 & 9 podcasts that just turned up this weekend.

    1. P.S. as far as other sites to include in your blog role i would recommend anything that i have in the Rom blog role. however, It's A Dan's World is highly recommended.

    2. Dude, your computer problems are rubbing off on me!!! -My lappy just died (for good) on me, and my pimp-ass speaker system stopped working! ARRRGGH!

      I don't mind this series's cancellation so much because Nova Vol 3 had Erik Larsen at the helm!
      And all you need to know about the One-Man Army Corps is... MOHAWK.

    3. i'm not a big fan of Larsen's art either but it still would have been preferable then Dikto when it came to ROM. but that's just me.

  2. How do I not remember this? Hell yeah, now that's a dude I could hang out with.
    OMAC Vs. Gladiator?

    Omac for the win.
    OMAC was as powerful as he needed to be for whatever situation he was in. So, say he needs an instant upgrade, Brother Eye just beams him down more powers. I can easily seeing OMAC take all Gladiator's got and still be like "Is that it?" Gladiator's confidence is shattered, and seeing as how his powers are confidence-based, OMAC fucks him up for the W.

    1. I know- you would think his constant swearing would not be so easily forgotten... "Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck is HE!?! Who the fuck hit me???" -Hilarious.

      Okay, okay- OMAC wins in a FIGHT... but- who has the BETTER mohawk? Hmmm???

  3. Well, after saying nothing but "blue blazes" for years whenever he was angry or surprised, it is understandable he would use every chance he got to say real shit. Though he slipped back to blue blazes there at the end...