Sweet Flea-Market Finds:

~For anyone who does not know- I absolutely love going out to the local Dirt-Mall. I always find comics, action-figures, and/or games on the cheap (I used to make YouTube videos about my hauls), and I just got back from my first visit in 2014.
 Of course, being winter still- there are no outside vendors... and that's who always has the really good stuff. The indoor vendors are always the same people, and most of them seldomly have new merchandise. At any rate; there are two booths inside that always have back-issue-bargain-bins, and here's what I picked up for only 33.333333 cents each:

Not a huge haul, I really only went just for the hell of it, but there very well could be some future entries for The Little Things In Comics That Make Me Laugh in here...
(Right-click/View Image, or middle-click, to get a better look...)
I've got some reading to do. 
And so do you- 


  1. I guess a posting like this is a lot easier then making a video huh? well I see you've got another issue of Rom to add to your collection that's very cool. issue 63 was the last Rom issue that had decent art. Sal had already left the title a few issues ago but the other artists who were working in conjunction with Dikto which made his penciling not too bad. but by issue 64 it was just Dikto and the complete ass suck fest art work for the series was on. and unfortunately that's how it was till the very end.

    1. Hahaha! -You know it!!!
      Yup, another ROM issue- damn those end-of-the-run books; so hard to find. Again- we'll have to agree to disagree on the "complete ass suck fest art work" because I don't mind it at all. Do I wish Our Pal Sal had stayed on the book? Yes, of course! But I'd rather the book go on with Ditko, or any other artist, than just be cancelled.

    2. denial is a powerful force my friend. fortunately part of my charter at the ROM blog is to help fellow ROM fans come to terms with the fact that Dikto's work on the book was a huge as suck fest. I know you already know it and knowing is half the battle. but the other half of that battle is to get you to admit it even though you pretty much already did in your video with the "Archie Comics" remark : ) I'm going to help you step all the way into the light my friend.

    3. Ha! -The Nile is JUST a river in Egypt, my friend.
      Now, I'm not President of the Steve Ditko Is Amazing And I Sweat His Balls fan-club or anything, but I would never say his work is a "suck-fest" of any kind. And the 'Archie remark' in that video was only in reference to the original Speedball series; saying it was like "What if Archie had super-powers?" I also said "I don't wanna shit on Steve Ditko because he's kinda The Man" and that the series was "charmingly awful" because I love that book (and character)!
      He is responsible for one of my childhood favorites: Spider-Man, and one of my all-time favorites: The Question, as well as nobody's favorite superhero: Captain Atom!!!
      I'm in the light. I love ROM. I love comics.
      "Don't give in to hate. That leads to the Darkseid."

    4. well like I said before I'm not taking anything away from his early work both in terms of imagination and drawing. but there's no denying that at face value in compared to the other artists of the 80s and 90s his stuff sucked. my next posting is basically going to articulate this point with visual aids among other things.

    5. Oh, boy... Things are gonna get rowdy! Hahaha!!!
      "Visual aids" -you crack me up.
      As for my rebuttal- basically: See Dan W's comment below.

  2. That is an awesome issue of The Spectre right there!! The whole series was killer as we know but if my memory serves me correctly that's the issue Spectre does his best to talk the suicidal round, and yeah you've got a great read ahead. Oh yeah as a Romita Jr fan I'm google image searching that Sentry cover right now too.

    As for Ditko's ROM, I wasn't a major fan but I liked it, especially the splash-pages and scope of #65. That kind of thing happening in half an issue now and not an event would get a bloke fired, but back then it was all for a few bucks. Spider-Man, Charlton and Dr Strange were trippily cool, but ROM I liked because he was trying to be different.

    Too many artists get into a groove and stay there or ride the coat tails of their greatest hits. Steve could've rode the Spider-train into the grave, but he willingly and purposely went to change his style to distance himself from his legacy.That's why in #65 there is unusually no Spider-Man or Strange (Doc's powers would've been the first I'd round up facing those odds)!

    Whether the art bet what he did before or what the book had before, the fact is he was up for the challenge of testing himself and not taking the easy way. That deserves respect in my book. But yeah that's just my two cents.

    1. Hell yeah, dude! And the glow-in-the-dark cover on that thing is amazing! Have not had a chance to crack it open yet- so much stuff in the queue already...
      And it's not just the covers on that Sentry series- JRJR did the interiors as well!

      That's where I stand on Ditko's ROM too! Not a huge fan- but I liked it fine...
      Exactly- about switching his style up... It's like when a band tries something new and different and everyone hates on them for it- but when bands don't try anything new; all the fans bitch about it sounding the same as the last album.
      Sometimes you just can't win. Such is life, I guess.

  3. Sweet finds! I really gotta start posting pics of my cheap finds as well, so we can compare notes.
    Ditko's later worked looked like shit. I hate to say it. The main is and will always be a legend in the biz, but his artwork either became extremely out-dated like Dan Jurgens art has, or his new style just wasn't as inspired as his older styles. Check out the big book of 50's Ditko and you can see just what a innovator he was in the field of illustration and panel design. Sadly his later years didn't seem to retain innovative streak.

    But still, Ditko rocks, and haters suck.......a big ol' bag of dicks.

    1. Awww! You're shitting on Dan Jurgens too!!! -How dare you, Sir! Huge fan of his work. Just picked up Armageddon 2001 #2. Loved his Superman stuff, obviously... I enjoyed his work on Sensational Spider-Man as well. And, come on- Booster Gold!

      Yeah, you should brag about your swag! I think I'll do this again too... It's easier to post than a video. You don't have to sit through 17 minutes of me rambling about comics. -And everyone can just talk about what they want to in the comments-section here.

      Did you just tell Shlomo to suck a bag of dicks? Things are about to start getting crazy-go-nuts. I can't wait for his Ditko Sucks post. I may have to have a rebuttal post here.

    2. Nice finds man ! Hope you do a new vid sometime soon

    3. Thanks, and thanks for stopping by!
      Who knows- I may get antsy this Summer and make one... never say never and all that.