~The Sensational She-Hulk:

-Do I have your attention?

More specifically- this post deals with Sensational She-Hulk #50, John Byrne's last issue (again)
-The plot is as follows: Presumably and allegedly- John Byrne is dead.  She-Hulk is test-reading pages from other artists/writers in order to decide who will take over the title with issue #51.

Among the candidates are (some of my favorites)-

Frank Miller:

-Awwww, poor Impact Comics...

(Speaking of  'The Man'- I was lucky enough to see Sin City: A Dame To Kill For before it was out of theaters.  I don't know why it flopped so hard and fast- because it was fucking AWESOME.  I was a couple of weeks late in getting there- but I was the only one in the theater when I went. And it was already down to only three showings a day...  Man, you could watch it back to back with the first flick- and it'd just be one big, long, sweet-ass movie.  Plus, as she is wont to do, Lena Headey was hardly ever NOT naked in the damn thing...) 5 Stars!

She-Hulk sez:

Walt Simonson:

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-How fitting; as with what the current status of Thor is now...
Hey, maybe THAT'S really what Nick Fury whispered to Thor: "She-Hulk wore it better."

She-Hulk sez:
-Get it?  Because he did it in his Thor run first!  HA!

Howard Chaykin:

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She-Hulk sez:

(And if you don't get it- you need to read more Chaykin!!!  -Specifically Black Kiss!!!)

Adam Hughes:

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You know, that's one of my biggest pet-peeves (from movies, shows, and comics) addressed; if you shrink- your clothes do not shrink with you!  Of course Marvel Comics have always had their stand-by excuse, as shown above for Wasp's makeup and hairspray...
-The other thing that always irks me in stuff; is when someone's wounds rapidly/magically heal- and the blood goes back in their body, or fades away...  The wound can heal, sure- but any blood already bled would fucking remain! -Otherwise you're just being fucking ridiculous!

Anyways- this segment SO reminds me of Avengers Unplugged #3 with Crystal and Black Widow.

Right-click/View Image, or center-click to embiggen...

No, seriously- have you ever read Avengers Unplugged #3?  I've talked about it before in a video- but have not gotten around to reviewing it yet on the blog here- because I don't even know where to start.  Everything they are doing in jest here is amplified, in total seriousness, by 9000%!!!
(Ha!  -Bravest Warriors reference.)

And She-Hulk sez:

-Speaking of Fan-Mail; her letter column's title always bothered me a bit:

"It's a Shémale!"
(Ha!  -Arrested Development reference.)

There's a lot more to see in this book- including a pretty funny Liefeld burn by way of Howard Mackie...
So, basically- go track down old She-Hulk comics. Especially the Byrne issues:

Also- I'm so glad I was not the ONLY one who did not know how to pronounce his name back then...

And in closing...

...if you're not down with Xemnu; then I got two words for ya:



  1. Funny shit with Byrne ripping on his peers. That Frank Miller parody is dead-fucking-on though, while the others....meh. Just seems like he's trying to rip on 'em just to for the sake of it.

    1. It should be dead on! -Frank Miller actually did it! They all did. -They aren't just parodies; it's self-deprecation at its finest!!! The issue if full of guest-spots, I just had my favorites...

  2. yeah for the longest time i really was never sure how to pronounce Byrne plus i remember some of my friends having mentioned it at least a couple of times back in the day. i love the clever word play that they use to headline letter columns sometimes. there are the ones that are good but not especially creative like Spacenotes (ROM) or Micronotes (Micronauts). but then their are the ones that are so clever like All Hailing Frequencies Open (Star Trek), Fly Paper (The Human Fly) and American Graffiti (Captain America). But i gotta say She-Mail is right up there with some of the best i've seen so far.

    1. -But I don't think it means what they think it means...
      Space Notes was a little lazy. Speed Reading for The Flash was a good one. Detective Comments... American Graffiti was a classic! She-Hulk also had Gamma Gamma Hey!
      Savage Dragon's is called Fin Addicts...

      Yeah, I always just used to call him "Brine", even though that doesn't even make sense phonetically...

  3. Miller did that one huh? Well good on him, and all of them then, for being such good sports and parodying themselves then. MIller's the only that really deserves to be made fun of though in my opinion.

  4. Not really no. I liked his DD run, and of course DKR, but that's about it. He seems to overly rely on his tired art style to the point where all of his characters looks fugly and mis-proportioned. In other words, is work now is a hot mess. I'm not even going into his writing-style either. DKR2 and his All-Star Batman and Robin work.
    'Nuff Said.

    1. whoa, i think Dale hates Miller's work almost as much as i hate ditko's 80s and 90s era stuff. for me Miller is something of a mixed bag. as an artist i don't think he was the best that the 80s had to offer but i didn't think his work was bad or anything. although i'm you're gonna cry havoc K.o.T i've never been into any of that Sin City stuff i remember some years ago i took this chick to go see it at this speak easy discount movie theater because of all the hype it got when it was in the more mainstream theaters. after it was over we were both like WTF was that? it just didn't do anything for me but on the flip side i love 300. as a writer he's certainly had some moment of brilliance such as in much of The Give Me Liberty graphic novels even though that got to be a bit too satirical. but at least we can all agree on his Daredevil run that it was some damn good work. who can argue that the death of Elektra issue was not one of the most holy shit moments of the 80s?

    2. AS(s)BAR sucks, no doubt. But DKR2 was fun as fuck!
      And Sin City is awesome. I like his "fugly" art style these days too...
      He's gone insane- I'll agree to that. I mean- the guy has lost it. But at least half of what he puts out these days is still good. -There are writer/artists who can't even manage a 50/50 good/bad ratio these days...

    3. I love Sin City! Honestly- the movies work for me more than the comics do. I love that hard-boiled, noir, pulpy shit. -Especially modernized.
      Brick is one of my favorite movies of all time.
      I liked the first 300 flick. That 2nd one was an all-around exercise in bad-film-making. ONLY thing it had going for it was Lena Headey. I have never read the 300 comic. I have seen art from it- and it looks fantastic... but I have never read it.
      But, yeah- no one in their right mind can say his DD was not awesome! You're right there.

  5. Martha Washington.....How the hell did Miller squeeze that rare gem out of his ass? I think Dave Gibbons probably had a good bit to do with that.

    Hey I dig Sin City, and his richly fleshed out characters like Dwight, Hardigan, and the mythical beast that is Marv. I even thoroughly enjoyed the movie versions of both SC and 300, But his comic work since then? It's like he invented Brock Lesnar's recent catchphrase;
    Copy Sin City.

    1. Copy Sin City.

      HAHAHA! Okay, okay- I'll give you that one.
      By the way- Brock had BETTER crush Cena AGAIN at Night of Champions... or I riot!!!

  6. Right!? I rather like Brock as champ, and hope he really does keep it for a good while, like say until the Rumble or Wrestlemania 31. As has been pointed out, Brock as champ is a fresher idea, and makes the title mean something since Brock doesn't show up every week since he's only paid for certain appearances.
    I suspect this final match-up will be more even, with Cena coming close, but ultimately losing to the beast. Then what John?

    1. I'm so anxious for tonight! Brock HAS to retain... I eventually want to see D-Bry come back and take it from him! How awesome would THAT be???
      Cena has squashed SO MUCH talent over the years... he can go back down to the mid-card for all I care. There is this awesome graph that sums Cena up perfectly: https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/p417x417/1457652_697352483617689_245910508_n.jpg?oh=ffecde57f1cb1c1e91534dbe52a476d3&oe=54BF9706&__gda__=1422254259_e930ef85c3c8e23f2f61a01cb6f30464