Darkhawk is lookin' good, and Nova's gotta go fast!

~Here's some little things from New Warriors #22 that made me laugh.  By Fabian Nicieza, and Mark Bagley.
See, the team is going to use Rage's Avengers-status to get into the mansion and steal a Quinjet for a 'personal' mission... but the important thing here is- LOOK AT THE POSE DARKHAWK IS STRIKING!:

Hahaha- that's amazing!  And SO Chris Powell... gotta try to impress the ladies!  Bagley is SUCH a good artist. -You know this little, dorky character-moment was not in the script.  It's just too bad Firestar and Namorita are completely ignoring him.  In fact- the only one checking him out seems to be Speedball!!!

So, anyways- the mission: 

Well, when you break-it-down like that; it does seem rather silly...

There's a great panel from when they're in the Avengers Mansion too:

-Darkhawk is such a n00b.

I know it's just a joke... but where do you Mental Organisms stand on the issue?  Does Hank Pym deserve to be counted/recognized as an Avenger for all/each of his alter egos?  It's not like he just changed his costume; like Iron Man has done several times over the years... He had different powers, different personalities even, and played a different role on the team. I think he should be counted for Hank Pym and Ant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, and Giant-Man.

Also- look at those memory-wall photographs... Thor is SUCH a fucking diva.

And finally- there's this last bit as they are trying to escape with the Quinjet and Nova's attempt to be braggadocious backfires:

Get it? GET IT???
...she's saying he insinuated that sex with him is over quickly because he prematurely ejaculates.



  1. Now that does sound like a classic gem from that era.
    Darkhawk with the jock pose? Huh. Yeah that poor bastard just didn't get it did he on that one?

    Hank should have one. For someone who has occasional mental issues, it's probably not cool they show pictures of past costumes that might send him into a bad relapse by reminding him of his failures during the time he spent in said costumes.

    Oh if Namorita only knew she'd be knocking boots with Chief CumTooSoon not that much later;)

    1. Oh, it is! Nothing But The Truth, Part 1- an excellent storyline. The first couple of years of The New Warriors were tits! What made Darkhawk so awesome was how he wasn't. They really played up the awkward, rookie-ness of the character. And just little bits like that; all-around storytelling.

      Ouch! Only ONE Hall Of Fame ring for Hank, huh?
      Gotta say- I disagree. They should have a picture of Yellowjacket with his pimp-hand cocked right next to a picture of The Wasp looking terrified! I mean- Iron Man does not get in twice because he put a nose on his armor once- but Giant Man should get in because he's completely different than Ant Man is! C'mon, man- where's your Pym-props!?!

      That's right! They DID get together, didn't they? Oh snap. Nova's a one-pump-chump! -That's why she left him for Johnny Storm!!!

  2. They did. They were the Gambit/Rogue doomed lovers for a brief bit, with one or the other either dying on each other or just leaving.

    So you're going with the similar WWE HOF thinking about double-inducting wrestler like Ric Flair and DX huh?

    I guess. Hey, I do skits with the sum bitch. I give him his props;)
    Gotta keep that pimp hand strong though.

  3. sorry to go off topic here but I think you'll find this article very interesting . . .

    P.S. but speaking of poses I really dig THOR in that gallery at The Avengers Mansion.

    1. He's such a douche! -I'm surprised he didn't take his shirt off and take a selfie in his bathroom mirror...

    2. -And I've always thought C. C. H. Pounder would make a great live-action Waller.

    3. she's always been the ideal Waller just like Nathan Fillion as GL.

    4. He has done a GREAT job voicing Green Lantern here and there, no doubt... for live-action though, I think he'd make a better Ted Kord!
      But then again... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzNMtGx_cZc

  4. Me too on the CCH Pounder casting. Dude that voice alone seals it for me, but add in the facial expressions, most notably last year with Sons Of Anarchy, and you have THE Amanda Waller.

    Thor taking a selfie?
    I guess so, now that he's inverted and back to his pre-humbling years as far as attitude goes.


    1. I don't watch Sons Of Anarchy but, yeah- she is THE Amanda Waller. It would be perfect casting.
      -Oprah? I mean... I don't think she'd do it anyways, but you never know- Will Smith could probably convince her. I just don't see it, though.

      Well- Thor was the ONLY one who struck an EXTREME action-pose for his Avengers hall photograph. That's what I'm saying- he's such a d-bag. Everyone else is just standing there- but not The God Of Thunder- noooooo; he just has to be a diva!

  5. Comes with the long Pantene Pro-V hair man;)