~Happy New Year with The Punisher!

(So, who's drunk?)

-You like The Punisher?  Let me tell you; if you're ever having a conversation with someone who doesn't "get" The Punisher- point them to 1993's #75 by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, and Doug Braithwaite. It hits every note perfectly- every aspect of what makes Frank Castle is on display here.
I'll set up the scene: Frank just blew up a crack-warehouse.  He's caught red-handed by the new Anti-Vigilante Police StrikeForce and he's their number-one most wanted.  But the main bad-guy is getting away...so everyone chases everyone, until they all catch up with each other:

(Embiggen all pages for awesomeness...)

-I imagine those two sentences just play on repeat in The Punisher's head 24/7!

"Because I have to.  Because I'm alone.  Because of the innocents."  Oh, snap!  -That is seriously Punisher's "Superman in eight words". 
That's just so... perfect.
This sequence tells you everything you need to know about this man and how he operates. -While having the details of his origin only mildly alluded to, in the smaller moments, makes it so much more powerful for those who already know it... 

It's just good writing.



  1. nice, The Punisher found a clever way to make that cop actually earn his salary. these days half the time cops are basically just collection agents for cities and counties with the way they give out tickets for any kind of dubious bullshit so called "violations". just watched Justice League War on youtube earlier today it wasn't bad but i liked Batman:Assault on Arkham way better. also, recently saw Batman: Year One that was fantastic. i'm hoping Throne of Atlantis turns out to be pretty good it's not like 2015 has anything i'm looking forward to when it comes to print media from either DC or Marvel.

    1. A wise man once said: "Fuck the police."

      I liked War WAY better than Year One. I never liked the Batman: Year One comic- overrated as fuck, in my opinion. Assault on Arkham was better than War, though. And as long as Throne of Atlantis has Black Manta in it- I'll be happy.

      2015 has lots going on in comics! Marvel is still on FIRE right now. I'm reading almost every title they're putting out. They are on the ball!

  2. Nice - who better to see the New Year in with than Frank :) The dude is just aces. I love the double page spread devoted to a scene that isn't really D.P.S worthy. Gotta love the 90's. Hopefully better Punisher gets Published in 2015.

    1. Ha! Yes- unworthy splash-pages! Classic indeed. Last time I was at the comic shop; my brother and I were going through random old Image comics, in the four for a dollar box, and seeing how often we could randomly open to a spread. It happened a lot, I don't need to tell you...
      Hey, I can die happy- we had The Punisher in SPACE in 2012. How can they ever top THAT?