You get what you search for! (NSFW)

~Once again I'm delving deep into the 'Search Keywords' that somehow accidentally brought people to my blog- to find out just what, exactly, they were actually trying to find.

Yes, it will probably mostly be porn.

"adam hughes she-hulk" is a simple enough one.  Adam Hughes is one of my Top Ten favorite artists! (and it's a shame he doesn't do interiors anymore...) 
Sadly- he has not drawn Speedball's favorite pair'o'boobs to motorboat much.
The first thing I thought of was that page from the old Marvel Swimsuit Issue. -The one of Namor in a banana-hammock.
-But then I thought of this one:
That's good She-Hulk!

There's also this little gem that inspired a statue by Sideshow Collectables:

Other than that, though- there's really not much... just a handful of con-sketches... and the bit he did here.

Speaking of She-Hulk: "image fap she hulk and superman"  


I know I shouldn't have been- but I was surprised to see this was even a thing...


Apparently she has run out of Marvel characters to bone.

Keeping with the theme of porn, because you're all sick fucks- "mary jane comic venom sex":

This one, though- I can see being a thing.  And, my Gods, is it a thing- soooooo many images came up for this one. I mean, like, a lot.
But if not for Brock's twisted sense of right, and justice- this is a thing that could have easily happened (or been hinted at) in the comics.  He could have totally tried to sexually assault MJ.  Peter is lucky, he has no idea how much worse his Venom troubles could have been...

No wait, scratch that- look at him getting off on being a cuckold.
Oh, Pete... you sick little bastard.

And this one just made me laugh- I mean...

...Venom could be in some tentacle-porn *snap* like that!

Okay- there is some stuff I am NOT gonna search for... or even type out here- I'm pretty sure I'd be arrested, or at least end up on some government watch-list.  Let's just say people have some dark perversions and I have no idea how what they were searching for led them to my site.
This is all in good fun here- but I can't make light of some things...

So- moving on; "blue blaze superhero pictures comic", what an innocently refreshing search:

The Blue Blaze is a Golden Age Marvel character created by Harry Douglas, first appearing in Mystic Comics #1 in 1940.  Dude had a magic lighter, containing the flame that gave him his powers, he used to revitalize himself.  Guy should be the official superhero of stoners, for real.

"is bolognium real?"  -Well, its atomic weight is snacktacular.

"avengelyne swimsuit edition"?: 

"how do the atom (ray palmer) and jean loring have sex"  -I dunno, but if this bit from the JLU cartoon is any indicator- it's probably pretty awesome for him:

(besides, he's not small all the time- you know...)

"superman action comics #768"  -That is a GREAT issue. 

O, Captain, My Captain!

-Really hits the nail on the head in regards to The Marvel Family, you should definitely check it out!

"superman wearing pajamas"  -Ummmmmm......


  1. Nice pics King. I actually dig 'em. They're perfect fanboy spank bank material, and if nothing else, a fair chuckle or two jist out of the sheer ridiculousness of the whole thing.

    That being said, Peter Parker's got one of the finest list of ex's in comics. between Mary Jane, a legit super-model and awesome slang for weed, the Black Cat(the textbook comic definition of sex-friend before there was one one) and Gwen Stacy, Parker doesn't know just how good his lil' Pete had it.

    Adam Hughes is still a beast in the art department. He's like Dave Stevens and Norman Rockwell all rolled into one. Few else but him, have defined the "Good Girl" pin-up style like he has.

    1. I've just never understood the whole "erotic fan art" thing... Especially when p0rn exists; with real-life women in it. ESPECIALLY when you can even get real-life comic book themed p0rn these days! We truly live in a spoiled era...
      Yeah, they are fun to laugh at- for the sheer ridiculousness of them, but besides for these articles- they are never something I'd actively search for.
      I will say, though; that the one of Mary Jane and the Venom-symbiote is extremely well done.

      Yeah, he sure has! 'Ol Pete has it good in the fictional dating universe... don't forget Betty Brant, and even Carol Danvers! In my opinion- he was a fool to ever let Felicia go... every single thing he had problems with while with MJ: The lying about being Spider-Man, the worry about being Spider-Man from each of them going both ways, the fear of villains targeting her, the fears of what could happen, the debates about responsibility... would ALL be non-issues for The Black Cat. PLUS he could have had threesomes! Who doesn't like a threesome?

      That's an excellent description of AH! I agree entirely.

  2. Replies
    1. From that end- yes... I would not want to be him when he's made a human-dildo, though...

  3. i'm glad when it comes to artists Adam Hughes is someone we can agree on, especially when it comes to women on cover art. if by some tiny chance you ever happen to visit Astoria you need to pay a visit to the Oregon history museum. first off the building used to be the local jail house back in the day and second from the glimps i caught when i took a brief look inside i'd say nearly half of the merchandise in the gift shop was Goonies related.

    1. Yup- he is awesome... I just wish he'd go back to doing interiors once and awhile. I remember always being disappointed, back in the day, when I'd pick up a Wonder Woman he did a cover for- only to find he did not pencil the comic...

      -Sounds cool.
      The Goonies > Monster Squad