~Let's talk titties:

Yup, Iceman just made Robbie Baldwin fall face first into She-Hulk's bewbs!
You know, I can't help but think that was an elaborate plan the two had discussed beforehand. -Actually, the way Speedball's powers work; that must have made for some instant, and rapid, motorboating!
(From The Infinity Crusade #1)

-It's not the first time, either. The man knows what he likes... 
Here in Darkhawk #26: title-character and The New Warriors are eating some pizza, discussing being superheroes and the responsibilities/troubles that come with having powers:

"...and so are her nipples!"
Yeah, Speedball says it's all worth it in the end... because of Namorita's:


(You heard it here first, kids- Tits: The joy of living.)

Moving right along... rather, going back a bit:
Yes- a "NO PARKING ANYTIME" sign and some hobo-rags just saved Darkhawk's life. (-This is after, longtime favorite of mine; Tombstone ripped the amulet out of his chest here in issue #12)



  1. Ha! Don't remember that scene from IC, even though I used to have that one back in the day. Wow! Too bad that hasn't been mentioned or referenced since. Way to score a free motorboat there Robbie:)

    Aww Darkhawk. Those were the days. With such good writing and pacing, you seriously doubted whether or not DH might make it out alive after that whole ordeal. Especially considering he was a relatively new character back then.

    1. Darkhawk was always a favorite- man, I loved that new wave of Marvel Rookies: Deathlok, Sleepwalker, Foolkiller, New Warriors, Guardians of The Galaxy, Ghost Rider...

      It's funny going back and reading comics, you had when you were younger, you find so much that you missed or little things that went over your head at the time. Quasar wants to be Superman, Speedball loves him some boobies, Nova... well- Nova is coming up here......

  2. What if speedball ment lady death? Boy what a rack she had. Those were some ample comics.

    I also.enjoyed the new wave of marvel. Sleepwalker especially .speedball and deathlok were pretty rad too.

    1. Ha! If he met Lady Death his head would explode.
      ...or be crushed.
      Oh, Evil Ernie... whatever happened to you? Oh, right. -The 90's ended.

      Sleepwalker was SUCH a good series... And, I'll actually have some more Deathlok stuff on here soon enough.

  3. Yes yes it did. I remember A one-shot where it was Evil Ernie against an outrageously stupid JLA knock-off. I did have to laugh at that one scene of Ernie ripping off the knock-off Flash's jaw while he was taking a leak. Just...damn!

    1. I just looked- apparently Evil Ernie was in some issues of Hack/Slash, had a new mini in 2012, and is soon to get a relaunch? Guess the 90's never ends!
      Ha! -I've never seen the issue you are talking about. I only ever had the first two or three issues... and then Lady Death #1. Never was too crazy about any of it. -Especially Lady Death.
      Don't get me wrong; my teenage boners loved her, but she was responsible for irreparably damaging the comics industry- creatively, perceptually, and even financially by starting and maintaining the entire "Bad-Girl" T&A craze.