My 3 Favorite Scenes From Fantastic Four Versus The X-Men #1:


 ~I have no memory of ever actually reading this one before... So, I guess 
I'ma little late to the game.  Picked up a very crisp copy for 33.333333 cents from
the local flea-market.
The entire issue is fucking awesome- I mean; Chris Claremont, so obviously it is.  -But here are three of my favorite parts:

( Honorable Mention to: 'Longshot and Dazzler on a boat.' )  
Rouge being a total see-you-next-Thursday to Havok-
-Pencils by Jon Bogdanove.
-I have no idea what he did, or what happened previously... but that honestly makes it even better. 
Sucks to be Reed-
Here; you'll need to play this song while you read the next few panels-


-I love when people try and say: "The Fantastic Four are sooo lighthearted, and not serious!"
That entire family is completely fucked.  -Physically and mentally.  FUCKED.
 Damn, Reed... you've got me totally bummed-out over here...  I'm just gonna go eat a whole thing of cookies... in the shower... while gently sobbing.
She-Hulk's Thing-
(Right-click/View Image to embiggen any page...)

-These few pages with Jennifer Walters and Ben Grimm are just so well-written, so nicely illustrated,
so natural, and fun to read...  It's one of my favorite things I've read in awhile...

Plus; Shulkie's top came off... so I'm sure Speedball is nearby, with a pair of binoculars or a telephoto-lens...

Double-plus; The Thing with a stogie- I loved it that certain comic characters would always smoke back in the day...
  ...and so I'll leave you all with this:  

Here's Johnny getting punched in the gut real quick:

HA!  That will never get old...



  1. i had #2 of this mini-series i seem to remember it being fairly good but for whatever reason never got around to getting the others.

    1. It's a fantastic read! -No pun intended...

    2. if i recall the second issue opens up with a skirmish going on between the FF and The X-Men. later in the issue both Sue and Ben become seriously at odds with Reed when they find out that the cosmic ray bath that gave them their powers was no accident. it turns out it was orchestrated by Reed. glad you liked the WTF cartoon with ROM i figured you would.

    3. Yup, I'll have to get the rest of this one over at mycomicshop.com with my next order.
      -They're only $1.35 an issue!

  2. Pretty cool mini-series to highlight. I just read a comic book legends revealed on it not too long ago, about how Tom DeFalco fucked up the ending Roger Stern intended, with Magneto really go full heel by #4.


    Solid panle choices as well. Damn if this doesn't illusttrate Stern's strentghs in characterization and writing believable characters that actualy interact in a believable manner with real dialogue.
    Silveresti too, damn his stuf here looks better to me than his first run on X-Men after this.

    So on point about the FF too. You don't get Reed questioning himself like this, and in a realistic manner that doesn't sound or read forced. Love it.

    1. My friend, I am confused... This series was written by Chris Claremont, penciled by Jon Bogdanove, and inked by Terry Austin... So, I'm not sure where Stern and Silveresti fit into this.

      I'll have to pick up the rest of the series to comment on the ending, though.

      But your point still stands- characterization abounds! Some comics nowadays seem to think that CONSTANT jokes and self-referential humor in the dialogue make for good characterization; but it does not... I call it the Whedon-effect.

      Yeah, people always say shit like: "The FF are so wacky! They could never make a serious movie about them..." and I will point them at 1234 by Grant Morrison and Jae Lee.

  3. I miss this kind of Wolverine (and Rogue) - you read those panels with attitude but values and you're like yeah, that's him. Also I agree with the Thing and a cigar. It's a great comic visual that only gets seen now by back tracking.

    I've collected Fantastic Four since John Bryne wrote the shizz out of it in the 80's. Sue miscarried, Johnny stole the Thing's girlfriend, Psycho Man tortured Sue to the point she went nuts and swapped girl for woman after handing out all kinds of buttkick. Malice, Mephisto, Reed facing court for the Trial of Galactus. I argue to anyone who says the FF are best like the comic Cosby show, that their best runs are always the darkest.

    Thats Marvel. Characters in the dark hours holding on to flickers of light to get through. Downtrodden optimists. If you want golden glory boys go to DC.

    1. I miss this Wolverine too...
      And that Thing.
      I hope Secret Wars is better than Convergence. DC's editors had/have no control over that. None of the tie-ins mesh cohesively. Did they not make a bible for the writers to follow or what??? And I hate the super-serious/grim-and-gritty Nu52 and all, but these schmaltzy/sappy Convergence endings make me wanna puke.

      John Bryne writes the shizz outta EVERYTHING he does. Those are some of my favorite FF's too!!! -But I really love the Tom DeFalco stuff.

  4. My Bad man, I got this one confused with the X-Men Vs. Avengers. And I can;t even blame it on being stoned.....or can I?;)

    I'll second Dan, that FF:1234 by Morrison should've earned him a shot at writing them for a year or 6 months, at least. I know he didn't get to write the Ultimate Uinverse version of them(and probably the main FF too) due to his crazy theory on Johnny living vicariously through Namor whenever Namor and Sue would sneak away and do it. He actually said that in a Wizard Magazine article.

    Anyhoo, what's become more and more glaringly obvious by wiritng about back issues like this one, is how the really good ones shined over the crap, and thete was more susbstance and care, as opposed to the popcorn junk we're subjected to nowaways, Oh, and continuity wasn't always viewed as an albatross, but as a handy aid or story tool when utilized correctly. I miss that era of comic books.

    1. Put the pipe down!!!
      Ohhhhh, man- Avengers/X-Men... I have not read those since they came out.

      Yeah, Grant Morrison always want to take shit to the next level... but they aren't always ready for him.

      SO MUCH popcorn-junk in comics these days... They all have big-Summer-blockbuster mentality. And it's like: Can I just get a nice story about Spider-Man fighting The Vulture???

      I miss it too, Dale... But that's what back-issues are for! If I ever FINALLY read EVERY comic from the late 80's to early 00's THEN I will have to worry!

  5. Oh well then you're fine then, depending on the depths of your back issue collection.
    And I probably do sometimes;)