-Rise: The Demon...

~Etrigan the Demon is one of those characters I always enjoy showing up in a DC comic I'm reading... He's great in small doses but, to me, his poetic-speech gimmick wears thin too quickly in his own title. However; if anyone could make it not-so-annoying: It's Matt Wagner.

Issue #22 of The Demon is a one-off story that all begins with a witch's dead cock:


Her familiar has been murdered, and to get revenge- she first summons, and then forces the aid of Etrigan.

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Even under her control- he still manages a Stone Cold salute!

The plan is to take the familiar of the witch that took her own... but no one gets away with using Etrigan:

It's a fun issue, I recommend it.
-Matt Wagner did some Demon stuff in '86 too, but apparently back then he thought-

-that was an expression that people used.

I'll tell ya what the poop is, pally!: 

Demon #3

See what I'm saying?  In small doses The Demon is awesome!  But I definitely don't recommend sitting down to read fifty-eight issues in a row. You're liable to have an aneurism.


  1. Point. I know I remember writer Garth Ennis echoing the sentiments you mentioned earlier, about what a fucking pain it was to have to make the Demon rythme all the time within the dialogue. I sure as hell would be fed up with having to do that after 3 or so issues myself, so I can't imagine having to write more than that.
    He really is one of those characters best taken in small doses. Ad really outside of his creator, jack Kirby and a select few others, not everybody writes him as well as he deserves.
    Cool post man. And that's the straight poop right there;)

    1. -Oh no! The straight poop is catching on!!!
      Giffen and DeMatteis are doing a great Demon in Justice League 3000 too... Kevin Smith had some cool Demon moments as well...
      Fuck yeah that would be hard to write!
      Small doses... he was good in the old Batman/Justice League cartoons.

  2. Hes even turned up in the fucking Batwomanbook now and his rymrhyming gets on my nerves!

  3. even Lois Lane from Justice League Flash Point Paradox sarcastically said that a rhyming demon isn't going to get old. all that being said I did enjoy Etrigan when he turned up in Swamp Thing in the early days of the Alan Moore run.

  4. I like anything Kirby, and Etrigan is one of the best things he invented but yeah that rhyming is hard on the enjoyment factor. It's like if Zatanna casts a spell every three panels...

    Still I like what Joe Kelly did writing the JLA and having Jason Blood on the team, and showing his struggles to use his mystic powers while fighting to keep the demon behind the door. I thought that was a great idea and gave DC their own Hulk/Banner without having Etrigan read like the love child of mother goose and Dr Seuss for 22 pages.

    1. I love Zatanna- but if she was casting a spell every three panels I think I'd shoot myself in the face.

      Rock rock on!: Jason Blood is almost as awesome as Etrigan, that does make for some great stories...

  5. The Love Child of Mother Goose and Doctor Seuss?
    Dan's caught the ryming bug yo! LOL

    I'd seriously had to see that mash-up. And that's the straight poop;)

  6. I didn't even realise that - I guess I'm slicker than the Cat in the Hat ;)