More Spider-Man comics!:

...page three and the ridiculous-levels are already ridiculous......

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #96 by Al Milgrom.

 -Oh, she's ALWAYS cold...

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #94 by Al Milgrom.

See- the Saturday Night Fever strut scene from Spider-Man 3 wasn't dumb... it was comics-accurate!  Spider-Man's a fuckin' PIMP!

Here's a cool little ad-space-filler Marvel had at the time...

Jumping into the future a bit, literally and figuratively- to another of my all-time-favorite comic series: Spider-Man 2099 (but more specifically) Meets Spider-Man!!! 

-By Peter David, and Rick Leonardi.

Peter gets sent to the year 2099 to be shot at by The Public Eye, and Miggy gets sent to the past to wake up naked next to MJ:

He's upset- but he's the CLEAR winner in this situation...
I mean, I'd have gone back to bed.

-Later on Miguel O'Hara formally meets Mary Jane...

...and it's awesome.

J. Jonah Jameson meets Spider-Man 2099...

 ...and it's awesome.

Basically, this comic is awesome.
You should read this comic.

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  1. right on i used to have those Al Milgrom Spectacular Spiderman issues (95 and 96) when i was a kid thanks for posting that clip art great memories!

    1. Yup, that era of Spider-Man was pretty great! Silvermane, Kingpin, Black Cat, Cloak and Dagger... The Answer. Wait, no- he sucked.

  2. Now how the hell did Silverman of all people escape from Cloak's cloak? There's an entrie dark dimension in there, and he just walks out of there like it's no thing?

    Speakng of Spidey 2099, have you been peeping his appearences lately? Especially in the whole Spider-Verse "event" thing?

    1. He does just kinda Mall-walk outta there, huh?
      It was something like Dagger took light from Silvermane to feed to Cloak- so he ran into the cloak to steal his light back but he stole all the light, thus weakening Cloak... They, uhhhhhh- they're the product of drugs. I don't mean their origin- I mean their creation!

      YES! I have been reading ALL of the Spider-titles weekly/monthly! Spider -Verse is my JAM! And 2099 was my jam- soooo excited to see David bring back Strange 2099 AND reference his Captain Marvel run with The Maestro!!!

  3. So the you're already sold on the SW: Future Imperfect series then?
    Some of the tie-in like olay, the others, not so much. What's your take on all that and what you think the MU will look like after the dust settles?

    1. I still don't really understand the new Secret Wars concept... From what I can gather it's; everything that has ever happened in any Marvel comic- has happened and will now all coexist in different zones. Whatever titles sell the highest will become the new cannon? Well... better than what DC did. So, yeah- I'm sold.
      I need to catch up on Avengers, IronMan, Thor, and FF by then- I'm currently about seven months behind on those.
      My overall take is: As a life-long comic reader- you pretty-much pick and choose your own continuity for any given character anyways, right? They're just doing that- but on a much larger scale. Everything exists- now it all exists together? Throw all the noodles at the fridge- what sticks is the new Marvel Universe. If it's half as fun as Spider-Verse it will still be awesome. A lot of nostalgia too- bringing back a lot of the past. My prime!

  4. Idk. I know it can't be too coincidental that Didio annouces that they're dropping the NU52 logo, but will allow (basically) every story to exist there too, plus a reborn multiverse.

    But current continuity stays the same.

    Really it likes like both companies are finally in-synch with each other and celebrating the 30th anniverseries of these two events at the same time. with the same concept.

    I just think Secret Wars maybe the prettier one with actual substance.....by default though.
    Convergence might not mean shit in a year or two down the road.

    We'll see.
    At least the on the toy front, the success is being pleasently dolled out. Brah, the waves.....and waves......and waves of figures that are coming to take my money on the reg.
    True Story;)

    1. Yeah, Marvel is handling it all way better- I just hope that trend continues... The only DC books I even enjoy reading these days don't even take place in the Nu52 Universe. At least when Marvel did Heroes Reborn- they realized it sucked pretty quickly and undid it. DC seems unwilling to admit failure. At the very least Convergence gets me a lot of old-school titles done by their most popular creative teams.

      Shit, man- that kinda sucks- I mean, it's awesome... but the money though.
      Do you keep a toy-budget? Or do you just get whatever you want when you can? I have to budget, because if I did the latter I'd be broke as a joke- I like too much stuff. I have to keep an eBay/Dirt-Mall budget. -And I just spent $50 on a figure- and that's inconceivable to me! But it was the Platinum Edition Supreme Starscream 30th Anniversary Transformers figure. HE'S SO AWESOME! He even has the crown!!! Shit was on sale too- he's normally around $85.