How's this image for clickbait???

Captain America #415, penciled by the late Rik Levins.

So, there's this sequential set of panels from page two/three of this issue- as our intrepid team heads into The Savage Land- and it just struck me as funny when I read it.  Let's put it into an equation so you can see how this doesn't add up...


"Uhhh, yeah! Like, only when I was already here before- you dumb bitch! Shut up."


Falcon: Asshole of The Skies.


T'Challa has jokes, right? 
I mean- he's not meant to be heartfelt here, is he?  Because even though I read it as him laying on the sarcasm pretty thick (on account of his allies looking like a bunch of fucking idiots) I'm pretty sure that was meant to be a totally sincere thought.
(By the way, Dimondback has some gooooood posture...)

 All jokes aside; Mark Gruenwald's run on Captain America was so awesome!  This issue has it all: Cap, Falcon, Black Panther, Diamondback, The Savage Land, total dick Kazar, Zabu, AIM, Lorelei... and more importantly; Captain America fights fuckin' DINO-MEN!!!:

Dino-Men with ATTITUDE!

Check it out.


  1. Dude, enjoyed the running commentary. No shit man. That was some straight up MST3000 stuff right there.
    Gruenwald probably really did stay longer than he should've. I know I grew up on his Cap run, reading right around the last chaper or so of the Bloodstone Hunt. (Man, that really dates me I know;)
    Streets of Poison ricked to me because of Bullseye and Crossbones beating the shit out of the Daredevil. Goddamn, those really spoke to me.
    It wasn't long until the late 380's and after #400 that the run starts to suck.
    Peronsally, I felt Kieron Dywer and Ron Lim were the best artists for Gruenwald. Didn't care for Hoover's exaggerated style(and yet Ioved his Invaders 4-issue mini in the early 90's) or Rik Levins.

    Dino-Rape-Men more like it. I swear I thought either Cap's checking this dino-man;s ass, or he's taken a second job us an unlicensed proctologist...you know, to help out the working class better.

    1. Thanks, man...

      I dunno- I really like Gruenwald's run. I grew up on it too- that's my Captain America. Bloodstone Hunt was so awesome! The Superia Stratagem, with MODAM! Blackwing and Jack O'Lantern! All the great Crossbones stuff, and who could forget Cap-Wolf!

      Ron Lim is always awesome. -He's a favorite. Top five, for sure...

  2. Cap was my guy at Marvel from Annual #8 on, but for me the series of events just prior to Mark Waids arrival, like Taking Aim at A.I.M. and Fighting Chance were peaks after a bit of a lull (Whatever happened to Capwolf anyway - he fought Cable!!)

    I liked these issues because I dig anything that goes to the Savage Land - it has to be one of the best locations in comics, but yeah the art let it down, and now I re-read these panels, the dialouge didn't help that much either ;)

    1. Rock, rock on! I liked Waid's run too though... I was pissed editorial fucked up his AWESOME Red Skull story. Fuck.
      "He fought Cable!" lol! -Yeah he did!
      I agree- I always used to pick up a book touting The Savage Land (or even total-dick Ka-Zar) on the cover. Only good can come of it. Gruenwald's dialog is best read as if it's from an old adventure movie serial...

  3. CAPWOLF!!!! He showed up in Longshot VS the Marvel Universe mini-series Dan.
    Most fans would like to forget that one, but I dug that concept myself. It was quintessential 90's, but in a weird good way.

    1. Did he? Fuck- gonna have to check that out.
      I can never forget... Never forget. "Quintessential 90's" indeed!!!

    2. Yeah I thought it was lame but cool too - it really was Marvel saying 'hey what else can you do with Cap'. Unlike today :) Damn I didn't think they'd ever bring him back though - will have to look for that!