Kang The Conquer's sex-change.

Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective #1, by Mark Gruenwald & Mike Gustovich
 No, no, no; you're Kang.
Even if you secretly usurped his throne and replaced him... you're still him.
-Everybody's Kang The Conqueror!

And now; this:

*Oh, also: U.S.Agent was just a little too happy in his exclamation of Kang's apparent womanhood.  At least I'm assuming it was U.S.Agent.  -That hard-drinking, horny bastard... 


  1. Goddamn but I dpo miss me some good ol' John Walker......*Sigh*
    I don't think it weas totoaly his fault that he peaked in the 90's, but I do believe the later writers just didn't care for him, thus the growing lack of use over the years.

    I actually liked him so much, I bought the toybiz US Agent(Captain America repaint) Marvel Super Heroes figure and the first issue of his '94 mini-series. I remember they tried to explain, or were, going to finally explain who the real Scourge was, but then that ended up being faked too. Remember Vagbond from Gruenwald's Cap run? Yup. she was in there too.

    Yeah, Avengers: Terminatrix.

    I remember the covers, the bad, generic 90's art of the time, which in turn majorly impacted the story. Hard to to get into the story, when the way the story's being told sucks.

    Definitely of it's time, but, but...it did give US Agent, Thunderstrike(I miss him too), and War Machine a chance to step out and up and see if they could hang with their more popular predecessors.

    1. Yup, ol' Johnny Walker (a.k.a. Jack Daniels)... I always really liked him too! I had that same figure. -And still have his miniseries. That was my introduction to The Scourge of the Underworld back then... Didn't it turn out to be the 1940's hero The Angel funding Scourge-agent assassins? Man, he killed Hammer and Anvil! -The bastard...

      Anyways, I like this story! -I'm a big Gruenwald mark (speaking of; he created The Scourge). And even though I don't care for War Machine, and HATE ThunderStrike, I still like the idea of these three 2nd-rate-versions of The Avengers involved with someone like Kang.

      Justice is served!

  2. You don't care for Thunderstrike? If it's bc of the outfit, I hear ya' on that. But Eric Masterson as a character, was pretty good, solid replacement until Thor came back.

    I know I'm glad they restored US Agent back to normal. Back in the pages of the Thunderbolts, he had his arm and leg cut off in a fight. Stupid really. Miss that guy, He kinda' reminds me of Guy Gardner now that I mention it....just w/Steriods and Taskmaster-training;)

    You are correct sir, the Angel did indeed start the whole sha-bang. They had someone else initally, but then he got killed off, so one never knows, But yeah, the Angel.

    1. I do not. And yes- it's 100% because of the costume. The jacket, the ponytail, the earring, the hammer- EVERYTHING is wrong with the design. It literally hurts to look at him.

      I like U.S.Agent no matter what- even when he was Judge Dredd in Maximum Security. He's the best. You know- I never got into Thunderbolts.

      Fucking Angel. Is he dead now? Back in the obscurity from whence he came??? I'm surprised they didn't try and say The Scourge of the Underworld was really Ned Leeds all along.