Search Keywords IV: Tentacle Grape

~You may have noticed that, until recently, I was away for quite awhile...
Long enough that there was plenty of new Search Keywords in my Blogger Stats section.  

So- once more unto the breach, Mental Organisms; to find out what people were Googling when they somehow, mostly accidentally, came across my site. And I shall attempt to give them what they truly wanted.  

Shockingly... It has been worse in past editions.  Maybe there is hope for humanity.
Or maybe they are all just too busy searching for "nova frankie raye naked":

But why did they feel the need to add in the qualifier "naked"??? That's how she is ALL OF THE TIME.  She has no costume! -Power Cosmic Chic.
Even The Silver Surfer eventually stopped wearing his trunks...
Wait... no wonder they hooked-up!; they were the only Heralds of Galactus who never had clothes on.  -They were always ready to go.

 Alright, what's next?  
                             "avengelyne spank"
                                                      Help yourself?:

Or did they mean they wanted to see Avengelyne getting spanked?  -Not that they wanted to spank it to Avengelyne? Oh, well; too late now.  They've probably already finished...

    "adam silver hack-a-s"    
                                 Uhhhh, okay?
Google tells me there is an NBA commissioner called Adam Silver... and he had something called a Hack-a-Shaq strategy?  Or... something.  I got nothing.  This one is clearly outside of my wheelhouse.
How the fuck did this search even lead to my site?

-Hmmm, what else we got?
"ra na na na na naaa eh song?"

Best guess:

-Love that tune!


"is raphael and casey jones best friends?" 
                                                 -Just like HHH and Shawn Michaels...


"la blue girl"  -I get this one all the time!  Geeze, I use one La Blue Girl gif-image as a joke ONE time... and hentai fans are flocking to my site.

-And speaking of segues!: "wonder woman tentacles"   
Not surprisingly; turns out this actually really happens all the time:

(What is a tentacle but a fleshy, living rope?)

No, really:

-All the fucking time!:

-And speaking of segues: 
"artemis from the justice league of america"


Okay, okay... let's move on to the next one: 
For those who do not know-  Rule 63 of the internet states that: For any given male character, there is a female version of that character... 

 But, after I really thought about it... 
...they probably weren't searching for Carmilla Black here.  
They were really probably trying to find something more like THIS:

 -That's more like it!

And, finally, I  know it's due to the recent shared-universe (in both comics and movies) news but: 
"the visionaries"
"visionaries knights of the magical light"
"visionaries knights of the magical light online comic"
"visionaries: knights of the magical light, issue 1"


Now, that's what's up! 

So, until next time; GO READ SO COMICS!!!


  1. Damn man, you sure get all the fun fucked up searchwords. It's been awhile since I've looked it up myself, but even with a kooky cool name like Mr. Morbid's House of Fun, I don't get quite the porn terms like you seem to.

    DAT Visionaries Cover THO! That is pretty fucking sweet. Who drew it?

    1. I guess I'm just THAT much of a perv; that all porn searches lead to here... But then I guess I should take the fact that I'm obviously not a Puritanical SJW comic-fan blogger as a positive though!

      Dude, that's just box-art! From the cancelled Iron Mountain Playset- but also used on card backs... Check out http://bottalk.com/board/showthread.php?t=81183&page=6 for more!
      Not sure of the artist... I know Bill Merklein designed the holograms, and of course Neal fuckin' Adams did character designs!!!

  2. There's a lot of bizarre anime rape fantasy stuff out that involves women getting entangled in multiple falic tenticled appendages and weird shit like that. Japanese guys seem to have a thing for watching animated women getting fucked by demons and other sorts of monsters although no doubt plenty of non Japanese guys out there jerk off to that sort of shit. Never been my thing, when it comes to anime I've always been more of a Starblazers, Robotech and Voltron kinda guy.

    1. I'm an Old-taku. So I'm aware of the phenomenon.
      Their tentacle fascination goes back as far as 1820... It's ingrained in their culture...
      It's funny to me that a feminist icon in Wonder Woman seems to get this treatment, though. -As if the fetish goes hand-in-hand with submission and bondage.

      Anyhow, speaking of Anime: I read today there is going to be a new SABER RIDER AND THE STAR SHERIFFS comic!!! Had the theme-song stuck in my head all day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awxKPdqLHGE