~100th post! DC's MILLENNIUM!!!

-For all the shit it gets... Millennium wasn't bad at all.........

...okay, okay; HALF of the 1987 Millennium crossover/event wasn't bad.  The other half was pretentious, presumptuous, had too many plot-holes, and led to the truly horrendous New Guardians comic series.   -BUT the Manhunter half of the story-line was really fucking cool!!!  And a lot of neat things happened in the eight issues by Steve Englehart, Joe Staton, and Ian Gibson...  too many to go over here.  However- for my 100th post; I'd like to share a few of the little things that made me laugh.

In case you're unfamiliar: As the Dalek's say "Exterminate!", and The Borg say "Resistance is futile..."; The Manhunter's saying is "No Man Escapes The Manhunters!" and they are in full-on Hail-Hydra-whisper-mode in this part of the story...  They've infiltrated the entire DC Universe, replacing high ranking officials and many supporting characters with androids, willing human agents, and/or mind-controlled ones...

And look how progressive, and inclusive, The Manhunters are being!  It's good to see that even though they are evil- they're growing as people.
Also, the fact that Martian Manhunter is in the Justice League while all this is happening does not go unreferenced:

J'onn J'onzz: "What!?  Nooo... I'm not a *air quotes* Manhunter *air quotes*
What ever gave you that idea? I never have been, or will be, referred to as such."


Oh, well... The League is "not concerned" about this impending NOT MARTIAN Manhunter plot:

-The general public is way too easily (and comically) calmed about the whole thing...
"RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!!!  ...okay, we trust you now."
-General Eiling and the army are ignoring it, Amanda Waller is like "Fuck it.", and poor Captain Atom is just embarrassed he's even in this fucking event!:

 Okay, J'onzz...  Let it go already... sheesh:

Yeah but The Murder-Everybody-Else Squad isn't as catchy, Deadshot...

-I like how Mister Miracle is just now making the connection as he says his name out loud.

Gotta love those old-school costumes though!   lol: Slipknot.  (That really should have been Adam Beach's costume for the Suicide Squad movie!  Oh, and how much you want to bet he's the first one to die in it?)


-I'm going to split this die cut, embossed, foil cover, hologram sticker, free poster inside, special anniversary, collector's item #100 extravaganza into three separate parts or this post will be WAY too long!
In Part II I'll touch on the other half of the plot to this event.
And Part III will be Batman, Batman, Batman!!!

Thanks for sticking with me for a hundred posts!  Lots more to come.



  1. First off, congrats my brother from another mother on you're 100th post. I honestly wasn't aware you've written that many posts, but nonetheless, I'm fucking proud of you man. Props to your come up sir;)

    Secondly, I can fully admit to not owning any of those Millennium issues, or the crossovers, but I'm more than aware of the story and concept, and it was pretty ambitious and creative for the time. Englehart was very much onto something, but yeah, not so much with that whole New Guardians thing. Still, credit where credits due, he did try to contribute something new and original to the DCU, so there's that.
    I actually liked the whole undercover Manhunter sleeper agent concept. Sure it kinda' fucked up the golden age Manhunter a bit, but not enough to permanently harm him I think, other than his dog Thor was also a manhunter robot though. Weird. But they went and made Wally's dad one too. How the fuck did that make any sense?

    Poor J'onn though. Talk about having the wrong nickname at the wrong time...

  2. Right on, thanks much!

    I don't think a lot of people own any of Millennium. -It's almost NEVER talked about by fans. Or referenced in continuity... Like the failed experiment was just swept under a rug.
    I guess it's not considered to be "too much" to have to buy almost fifty issues to get the full story of an event at DC Comics these days... but, damn.
    I guess there was a lot of creative-control issues going on behind the scenes around this time at DC as well.
    Thing was just a hot mess all around. Even though, I agree- this half of the story was pretty awesome.
    The other part, though? *shudder*
    Poor J'onzz, all right! Those are the only modern comic's series he's had in that picture! Guy can't catch a break. But- at least he's on TV! Full-on showed fat little baby green Martians, on Mars, getting killed with fire by white Martians in a flashback on Supergirl. I was like: say what?

  3. Yeah you're right, other than comic sites like Comics Alliance or Comicbookresources.com, no one ever mentions Millennium. Again, it wasn't bad, especially compared to the initial offerings the nU52 gave us.
    But yeah, for some reason it hasn't aged as well as the even that preceded it, LEGENDS.

    1. Hahaha! -I can't stand Comics Alliance anymore. I'm a liberal and everything, but they are WAY too to the left for my tastes... Whiny ass SJWs. One of the reasons for my mocking new banner I put at the top. They championed over-the-top reactions to all of it... Anyways, CBR is THE comic shop staple!

      FUCK YEAH; LEGENDS!!! John Ostrander, Len Wein, and John Byrne! And only, like, 17 tie-in issues! That's what's up.