The Little Things in Spider-Man #305...

~Damn, I really miss Mary Jane... that's the first thing I really noticed when reading this old issue...

"I HAD to, Mary Jane!  You don't get it!  No one understands me!!!"

-Sure, some writers didn't know how to write her well- but when she was like this (by David Michelinie); questioning Peter's actions and spit-balling superhero strategy, but still being supportive... and even a tad 'redhead bossy' (as opposed to being a selfish, weepy, constant complainer as she was often cast) she was so awesome!  And a great compliment to Spider-Man's overall character.  -Because Peter is the only weepy complainer we need in the title...

Embiggen yourself: Right-click/View Image... for, uhhh, research purposes.

-I used to be SO into Todd McFarlane's art... I even had all his Spawn issues back in the day... I stuck with that title for around 75 issues. -They did not hold up. I had to get rid of those... I'll always love that Cerebus issue though!

Speaking of Spawn...

...McFarlane's version of The Prowler was such a template.

"Well, isn't that special!!!"
 A Church Lady reference?!?  That will never be horribly dated. *cough*

But, yeah; Spawn-prototype all the way:

 -I mean: For real, though!

Invert image... colorize red. -Ooops:

 McFarlane, you hack!

As a kid reading these- I hated the character Black Fox... now, though; he cracks me up:

And his Mom's not even dead! -Such a weasel... Errr, weaselly like a fox?
   No, that doesn't make any sense......


  1. damn that's some good art with Peter and MJ especially on that page with the beach scene. ya know K.o.T i want you to try and picture that exact scene but drawn by ditko and how that would have turned out.

    1. McFarlane doesn't suck... as an artist. As a writer...... ehhhhhhhhh...

      Oh, and it would have been AWESOME! Ditko was in his PRIME on Spider-Man!

    2. "his PRIME", certainly not at the time this Spiderman issue came out.

  2. Damn, I miss classic MJ too. And from the late 80's on, not the wishy-washy, non-commital, flighty party chick she used to be.

    Damn you Marvel!!!!!

    Spawn owes so much to McFarlane's stint on Spider-Man it's not funny....not really, it's not. At least when drawn by McFarlane, Prowler never looked better, Before/after....not so much. Where the hell is ol' Robbie Brown these days anyways?

    1. Yeah- no, not the "hip" party-girl early version... but not the later one, either; who only ever cried and complained about Peter being Spider-Man all the time. Strong, bad-ass MJ is the best MJ!
      And it really sucks how wonderfully she's being written now- and, you know, is not with Peter... because of The Devil. *cough*

      Hey! I like The Prowler when he's not Spawn! Prowler is awesome!!! I was playing Spider-Man: Friend or Foe and he's a playable character in it- but I was PISSED he does not have his cape! Looks so weird without it.
      It's "Hobie" Brown... don't worry, though- last video I made I called him "Toby". We'll just pretend his FULL name is Robert Hobie Toby Brown.
      I don't know if he's still around or not- I know he's not paralyzed anymore... and I think he escaped being killed by The Punisher at Stilt-Man's funeral. He needs to make a come-back!

  3. Wait Stilt Man's dead - you always learn the worst news in a comments section :) I liked feisty MJ too, I always hated her being written as a damsel in distress, comics had to many of those, like you say she was often the spine of Spider-Man as much as Uncle Ben ever was!

    1. Well, I mean he WAS dead... I don't know if he still is, though. -You know how comics are. Sorry for the spoiler!!!

      Yes, the MJ who beat The Chameleon half-to-death with a baseball-bat. THAT's my ginger!
      Hell yeah she was Peter's spine! -Peter is one EMO son-of-a-bitch when you get right down to it...