-Speaking of Firestorm...

Firestorm isn't DC's only cool "match-headed" character.  -There's also the fuckin' Waverider!  
Things always get awesome when he shows up...

This is Armageddon/Inferno #1 by John Ostrander, Luke McDonnell, and Tom Mandrake.

Gene D'angelo is the colorist here, and man- does this issue POP!

The plot of the four-issue miniseries is basically this:  To stop the evil Abraxis (aka Sauron Jr.) from being all evil and stuff; the time-stream traveling Waverider must gather heroes, from different points in time, to join forces and aid him!:

But he can only pull certain heroes from certain points in time without fucking everything up.  So you end up with a lot of cool/weird character interactions:

Embiggen any page, for reading: Right-click/View Image 

You know... I've only really ever liked The Creeper in very small doses like this. 

-He wears thin very quickly.

And then... THIS HAPPENS:

Oooooh snap!  Batman just fucking died!!! 
No one could survive THAT!

Oh, wait...  Never-mind:

-Goddamn, Bat-Jesus...

Issue one features Present-day (1992) Batman, Firestorm from the early 80's, Creeper from the early 70's, Ultra Boy- obviously from the future... because comics... and the motherfucking SPECTRE!:


-In subsequent issues he pulls a lot of other heroes from other times- it's how the JSA gets brought back!!!  ...this time.   
...because comics.

What other Superheroes have a "flame-top"?
-There's Firelord... and Ghost Rider...... and I guess The Human Torch by default......... 
Can you think of any more?


  1. That huge batman panel is wicked! Waverider always reminds me of Zero Hour and Dan Jurgens. As for other flame-headed heroes there's Vengeance, Nikki (from the 90's Guardians of the Galaxy), and Fire from the Justice League. That's my three.

    1. -Fucking Bat-Jesus...

      Zero Hour was AWESOME! It was my first big DC retcon/event back when I was 13 and didn't even know what retroactive continuity was... Vengeance went hero? Was he an "antihero" or something? I only remember him as a villain.
      YES- Nikki Gold!!! -Duh! How'd I miss that one?
      Fire... also duh. I think the green was throwing me off from making that connection- I was only thinking reds...
      Excellent pulls! -Geeks unite!

  2. Oh and Dormammu, can't forget Dormammu

  3. Pretty damn cool post man. I'll have to be on the look out for this one.

    I kinda' miss Waverider too. Ever since he died off-panel during the weekly 52 series, the DCU just hasn't been the same. They should bring him back really. I'm surprised with the Convergance event coming, that he hasn't yet.

    Those Panels though......further proof why Batman is the goddamn man!

    1. I just ordered the rest of the issues today. It's way too cool a concept to be ignored...

      Did he die off-panel? Weak. I read 52 when it came out... I remember almost nothing about it. Well, that's not true- the Elongated Man stuff... the Lobo stuff... Sobek going crazy, that was awesome. Man, thinking about it again- the was a really good series! Countdown to Final Crisis is the one that SUCKED ASS!

      Holy crap- Convergence is the PERFECT opportunity to bring Waverider back!

      *grumble* Fuckin' Bat-Jesus...

  4. In a sense yeah..Mr. Mind(the evil worm from Captain Marvel/Shazam) captured him and skinned him alive. We saw a litte of the torture, but not the full death.

    I'm really surprised Johns hasn't brought him back, or even creator Dan Jurgans for that matter, Weird huh?

    1. I do not remember that part at all! I'ma have to give it a re-read like Dan is doing. Shit- it's been almost eight years!!! DAMN. Why does everything gotta make you feel old? In my mind- that was still a "newer comic", but it came out in 2006/07. And in my mid that does not even seem like THAT long ago... and then you do the math.

      I'm surprised too- especially with all the time/space weaving they're gonna be doing. He could be like the Machine Man in Earth X type of character!

  5. I'm currently re-reading 52 now - and yeah it really does get better each time round. If only Steel had got a new series from it. Hopefully we get the old Steel back soon.

    1. Rock on, I need to do that too...
      Man, I remember that part where (spoilers- if you're not there again yet) Sobek heel turns on Osiris; somehow I did not see it coming- and it blew my mind.

      Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we'll get the old everyone back soon!!!