More Firestorm!

-He transmuted his penis clear off!

 That was in Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #55,  and now he's going all Superman IV: The Quest for Peace in issue #63!:

I love how the New's graphics for the various heroes/teams are their comic-book logos...

 Here's a classic Guy Gardner reaction to this development:

Guy's always good for a laugh...

                                                                                                                                         And speaking of Superman...

Man of Steel suuuuuucks..

But what makes this issue truly amazing is Nobody's Favorite Superhero: Captain Atom!

They have a nine page fight- and it is fucking AWESOME! 

There's even a funny moment where they chase each other through the DC offices-

That's writer John Ostrander, by the way.

Embiggen any page by doing whatever it is you do to do that...

-And that was artist Joe Brozowski (J.J. Birch), legend Denny O'Neil, editor Barbara Randall, and Bob Wayne from sales... and a reference to Kim Yale, Ostrander's soon to be wife (at the time)
I love when they throw little things like that into the books...  John Byrne used to do it a lot.

 And I can only assume the project they're talking about is some kinda Rick Flag Vs. The Spectre Vs. Mal Duncan book? Ostrander has written for the first two... not sure what the connection is with the final.  It would make more sense if it was a reference to Ma'alefa'ak (Malefic) but Ostrander did not create him for another ten years.

-Anyways, then the issue ends with Amanda Waller calling in The Suicide Squad!

This is from issue #76:

Darkseid trolling Earth with Brimstone just because he can...

-I know we all already know this- but Darkseid so bad-ass:

Firestorm (Vol 3) #35 by  Dwayne McDuffie and Pop Mhan.

Pulled Professor Stein right the fuck out of him!   


  1. now that was some good clip art this time around. great writing i just love how Ostrander integrated real world Soviet Union era Cold War politics into the Firestorm story line and the rather candid dialogue from Superman with Reagan was a nice touch. he did much the same with contemporary politics in The Suicide Squad as did Greg Rucka in Checkmate. as for Darkseid, just all sorts of bad ass.

    1. Thanks- fuck yeah; it's good stuff!
      But, what? -The last two posts featured a dead Rocket Raccoon- skinned- on a wall, and then a Pizza Hut book that ties-in to Bill Mantlo's old Alpha Flight run for absolutely no reason. Hahaha- it's good here EVERY time around!

      Ostrander's Firestorm issues were awesome! I don't have #64, but like I said- Amanda Waller called in The Suicide Squad at the end of #63 so I'ma have to look for it.

      And, man; McDuffie's Darkseid was a BEAST!

  2. More anything else, be surprised and jolted enough to transmute my own penis off.....but I guess I can always make another one, rebuild it to be bigger, stronger, etc;)

    Good stuff, and damn did Kim Yale used to look that hot? I swear she looks like a dead ringer or at the very least, related to Barbara Gordon. Lucky man that John Ostrander....until there's a fight at your workplace and all your collegeues throw you under the bus;)

    1. That is true- Firestorm can transmute himself a penis, of any size, at will! We won't see THAT on the next episode of The Flash!

      No, Kim Yale is only mentioned there. The redhead is DC editor/writer Barbara Randall Kesel. Fitting she looks like Barbara Gordon though, because she is very big on strong female characters in comics...

  3. LOL. Probably not, especially if it flames on like the rest of him does;)

    Ahh. my bad. But yeah, she really does though.