Burn one today- with Cynder!!!

~It's 4/20 again, y'all!!! 

-So, there's something you can listen to as we take a quick look at Immortelle Studios' Cynder, Volume 2, #1:

...and he died!

-I've talked a little about this sort of thing before on my blog here, and whether or not something like this has ever really happened or if it was just an urban legend.
I've since come across two more instances, mentioned online, of a child dying while pretending to be Superman... They were both posted within the past decade, but while these sites were "quoting" legit news articles- I could not find the actual news articles anywhere. 

Anyways; Bill Maus' Nira X cameos and needs Cynder's help capturing an evil alien...

If you don't know how to embiggen these pages by now... you must be high.


I really hate when they do this kind of thing in comics: Being afraid to mention a brand, band, magazine, show name, or character owned by another company... Just fucking say Spider-Man! If you're seriously that worried about some kind of legal repercussion- then write it as 'Spiderman', or say it like: "I was watching a Saturday-morning cartoon about some kind of spider man." -You're safe. It's okay... 
Spider-Moon? *groans*

¡Obligatory ass-shot!
¡Obligatory ass-shot!

Another thing I hate that they do in comics, cartoons, or movies- is when they say something like: "This kind of thing only happens in comics/cartoons/movies!"  It's so hackneyed...

-But this is FOR REALS!!!

You know what else is weird? Nira-X meets Cynder in this and another comic, within the same year, but they each act like it's their first-ever-meeting in both. Is a little continuity too much to ask???
It wouldn't have effected either story if they would have just been like- "Hey, great to see you again!" or something. An editor was asleep on the job... I'm just going to assume it was over at Entity Comics because Nira-X has had annoying little continuity problems of its own.

I think Michael Hernandez is a pretty solid artist... he reminds me a little of Jimmy Palmiotti... but this is a drastic difference from the earlier issues where his brother (and writer/creator of Cynder) David Hernandez inked it- instead of Michael inking his own pencils... plus there was no early-90's digital-coloring.
It's crazy what a difference something like that makes: 

-From Cynder Vol.1, #1

Linda K. Hernandez- who usually paints the awesome covers- is an AMAZING artist:

Cynder even had an action-figure! I mean; it sucks. 
 -But she had one!: 

I even remember seeing it, back in the day, when it was new... and now that I own ALL of the Cynder comics (thanks to mycomicshop.com) I kind of want the toy... for no real reason.

The entire series lasted five issues, in two volumes, plus one Annual and then two crossover specials from 1995 to 1996. The very last Cynder comic to come out was a crossover with Hellina that finished up the storyline from the 2nd Cynder series...
David Hernandez always kept readers informed about the status of the book in the back pages, and they were always very appreciative of their fans. It seemed to me that they were constantly just barely hanging on. Self-publishing is hard. He would talk about that, distribution problems, and how the industry was hurting- and even give tips for other aspiring self-publishers from experiences he had...
After the 90's comic boom, when the bubble popped; the market really was crashing. And you could tell from their continued updates that they were trying to stay positive in spite of their troubles... but it was clear they just weren't getting the amount of sales to make it all worthwhile. They tried crossovers, big name artists doing covers/centerfolds (Adam Hughes, Rob Liefeld, Jimmy Palmiotti, Bill Tucci), and then full color books to try and get themselves noticed; push the numbers up... but in the end, like a lot of self-published comics, they couldn't afford to keep it going.
The storyline of Cynder itself isn't anything groundbreaking- especially by today's standards... But even during the independent comics boom, and the bad-girl craze of the time, it never felt like a cheap cash-in attempt... it was a couple guys (and a lady) who saw an opportunity to do something that they love- professionally.
So they took it.
And, so what that it didn't blow up like they might have hoped- at least they tried. All you can do is try.
I respect them for it. And I enjoyed the series for what it was- then and now.

One more thing- at the very end of that final issue; they showed a preview for Lovalle Davis' Wardragon, featuring Cynder, that was supposed to come out in 1997: But never did.
I found his DeviantArt page recently, though- and it looks like he owns the rights to Cynder now, and Wardragon is called Stormdragon- but besides some sexy pin-ups, very cool redesigns, and random panels on his page- no actual comic has been published as of  this date. Which is sad because it looks really good!:




  1. Hope you had a good 4/20 yourswelf, I know I did. Being both weed day and my girl's birthday, in the immortal words of Ice Cube, "It was a good day" DO-WHAAAAA, dun dun dunna dun dun.

    I've seen her before, and she's pretty much on the low rung of the Bad Girl triend, and that's saying something. Still, gotta' give creators like Mr. Hernadez props for living the dream and do what they love, even in the extremely harsh environment that is self-publishing. God don't I know about that:(

    1. Yup. -Did my thing...
      Your girl's birthday- AND HITLER's!!! Coincidence???

      That's the thing, though... Cynder, while being a part of the bad-girl thing, comes nowhere near fitting in with stuff like Hellina, or Pandora, or Widow, or Lady Death. But she doesn't fit in with stuff like Vampirella, Shi, or Cry for Dawn either... The latter of which don't even really belong in the "bad girl" category... but I digress; She's cheesecake- but not cheesecake enough, violent- but not violent enough... She was kind of in limbo from the start... More like Razor than anything- but not enough to be really interesting.

      Self-publishing is a nightmare... indeed.
      By the way- what ever happened with the book you were working on? Did you ever get my cash?

  2. Love the new logo look btw. Freakin' sweet man!

    1. Thanks, man! "Fans" have been doing SO much to make me laugh these days- I went back a little and pulled some of the forefathers of blatant-overreaction to mix in with it too...
      -Pissed that I just couldn't make room for a Liefeld, or the granddaddy of them all: Kyle's refrigerator girlfriend. That still gets more heat than Doctor Light raping bitches.

  3. It still does, doesn't it?
    No, I honest to God I didn't, and I sent you an email about that.
    But if you want, I'll send you a copy no charge.

    No, Grindhorse is done. Trust me I'm pretty dissapointed about that as well.
    Basically it boils down to there not being enough interest in the product, and not selling enough.
    They got discouraged and lost interest.
    I know they have families to feed and bills to pay, and thus believed it financially irresponsible to continue, which I have to respect. I just which they had finished it, because it was/is a damn good story worth telling. Just sucks to have one issue floating around, and that's it.
    What is fucked up though, is that they didn't want to announce Grindhorse ending, nor take the Facebook site down.
    Beyond that, idk what else to tell ya'.

    1. Oh, I believe you. No problem. I never got a second email from you (or at least never noticed it)- but I have the one... I'll double-check the address with you through there and try again.
      Grindhorse died? Bummer, man... Do you even still have an issue I can buy? I noticed the stoppage of updates awhile ago. It is a shame when something is not finished. I have a lot of old independent comics that had one or two issues and then vanished without a trace...
      Yeah, there is A LOT out there asking for people's money these days. I mean- DC alone- the weekly Future's End, and now; how many Convergence titles are coming out each week? I'm swimming in them!
      But, dude; at least you tried!

  4. Thanks. It sucks 'cause I was given a chance to live out a dream of mine, but its all good. Just being involved in the process like I did, and all those brainstorming sessions. Can't put into words how that felt.
    But alas, you never know what life has in store for you, and who knows what else lies in store for yours truly.

    I do have a copy I can give you though.