Fool Terrax once, shame on... shame on you. Fool Terrax- he can't get fooled again.

~I just got back from visiting family in Kentucky, and I can't remember the last time it snowed like that there!!!  So- firstly; in honor of all the Winter-weather- you can file this under: Gee, ya think???:
Oh... okay. -She's cold!  
Felicia's cold, everybody... 

Well then it makes perfect sense why she changed her costume form that- to this:
-That's... that's much warmer.

 Terrax the Tamer thinks he can hang with The Sentry (in Sentry #1, 2005 Paul Jenkins/John Romita Jr.):
 (Center-click or right-click/View Image to embiggen)
Terrax... come on, bro! You were once defeated by a group of teenagers. 
-You think you have a snowball's chance in Hell against Marvel's Superman?!?

Speaking of Terrax...
 Ha! Thanos of Titan p'ownd you again! -You dummy!

Also from the Green Lantern / Silver Surfer Unholy Alliances prestige format one-shot:
 Thanos, you untrustworthy scamp...
-Because it's not like he has a never-ending boner for Death and wants to end all life in The Universe as a dozen long-stem roses equivalent or anything.  (-That's the joke.)

I'm a Hal Jordan guy, myself... I never liked Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern... I've always bristled against him... but...
 ...having said that: He does know how to use his ring.

And besides- he has made me laugh once or twice:
 From Green Lantern Versus Aliens #3

And from Green Lantern Versus Aliens #4:

-Which is a great four-issue miniseries, by the way (By Ron Marz & Rick Leonardi). Hal plays a prominent role in both this, and in the Green Lantern / Silver Surfer crossover (also by Marz), and that's why I own them. It focuses on Kyle having to deal with the consequences of a decision Hal made long ago. What he does, and how it all ends- well, I won't spoil it.
But damn. -This ending... chills.
Also- if you were wondering how Aliens could even be a threat to a mighty Green Lantern?: He loses his ring at the start of his story-arc. That's how.


  1. Is that second shot of Black Cat inked by Bill Sienkiewicz? It looks like it? I love his ink work almost better than his painted stuff. As for being cold I guess that will teach her for being the one hero that didn't wear a leather jacket in the 90's.

    I have both those GL projects too - and completely agree, they are great! Kyle checking out Terrax's butt probably didn't help calm the dude any. More heroes need to meet the Aliens I reckon. Judge Dredd needs to re-meet them, and Suicide Squad needs a turn at the least.

    1. You gotta love Sal Buscema inked by Bill Sienkiewicz! -It's like an orgasm in your brain.
      Ha! Yeah- where was her midriff-baring leather jacket?!? Now that you mention it- I'm SHOCKED it never happened!!! Shocked, I say!
      ~HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It DOES look like he is checking out his ass! I never noticed that! Thanks for that one... If The Squad ever had a crossover with Aliens- they would all fucking die!
      Holy shit- how good was the ending to GL/Aliens??? He does the oath (for the very first time, I think...) and... again- I don't want to spoil it for anyone who still wants to read it. But DAMN. And did you call the twist with Crowe early on? I did- but it was still fucking epic to see play out!
      I've never read Superman Vs. Aliens- I want to track that one down, though.
      Predator Vs Magnus; Robot Fighter is amazing! I love that 2-issue-mini.
      And all three of the Judge Dredd / Batman books are sweet, as well!

  2. Love that Black Cat panel! Da-zam!

    Batman vs. Aliens was a good story as well, with killer Berni Wrightson art. Those covers alone man....
    Spoil away King.
    I never read these stories, although I know they involved Hal and the Corps deciding to keep the Aliens alive and stranded on Mogo. Bad move indeed in the end.

    Nice stuff to highlight though.

    1. -I just worry about her catching pneumonia, you know?

      I did not know they did a Batman/Aliens! -Coolio... Makes me think of Dead End: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxu9LA14-fE

      Nah- no spoilers if I can help it... I want people to read these back-issues; because they're good! (That's why they're featured on here.) But if you really want to know- I'm sure a quick Google search will bring up the entire story for you. But that's no fun... and nowhere near as epic as watching it all play out as you read it.

  3. Nice GL vs aliens sounds rad. That batnan vs aliens is indeed awesome. About the cats change of costume didnt you see? She has the invisible zip down going on. Like a good kitty.

    1. Oh, it is! But I looked online- and the issues kind of sell for a lot. -Not even double digits or anything; but $5-9 dollars for one book is a lot to me! There is a trade that's only $10 on Amazon. I'll keep an eye out for the Batman/Aliens... Ha! I see it's written by Ron Marz too!!! There is also a Superman/Batman Vs. Alien & Predator... and a Predator vs. Judge Dredd. Damn, sounds awesome.

      Nope, no zipper. Comic-book-magic. How she even keeps everything... in place in that costume while flipping all around the skyline is a work of fiction in itself. The reason she has to steal so much jewelry to begin with is to finance all the rolls of double-sided tape she goes through on a nightly basis!

    2. Ill have to check my local shop for any GL vs Aliens. I think its on you tube in parts. I go often to get the Forever Evil series going on. Only one issue to go the 6th in The book it self . I dont do all the cross over in just about every dc book right now.Batman vs Aliens is awesome the first one. The second batman vs aliens 2 is ok but not as good as the first but crazy as hell. Batman vs Predator is fucking awesome too. I liked all those DHP books that had the Aliens hit or miss sometimes

      yeah comic book magic with cat

    3. Cool, cool, cool...
      Yeah- you can probably find it online for free if you know where to look... or if your local library orders stuff for you; that's how I read a lot of different trades.
      I agree- the Aliens and Predator books by Dark Horse I used to get back in the day were always hit or miss... My favorite one was Aliens: Rogue. I liked Predator: Race War a lot too... And I already mentioned Predator vs Magnus Robot Fighter. You can buy all of those for under a dollar each online now...
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Dark horse comics 11 goes for under a buck these days had godzilla on the cover and a one shot Aliens story called "Taste" .That story really gave me a oh fuck smile when i got it back then.gab it if your ever see it. Unlike any alien story i ever read.

    1. Excellent! -Thanks for the recommendation!!!
      Funny how I make an entry that mentions a DC/Aliens crossover- and don't even show any damn aliens in the posting- and I get all these cool suggestions for other Aliens, and Predator stuff to keep an eye out for. -Nerds are awesome.

  5. i haven't read any of the stuff this all this clip art is from but it looks interesting i'll have to be on the look out for it in those discount boxes. the Black Cat in that panel with Spidey looks great but it's kinda ridiculous when you think about it. that split down the center of her costume goes down to just about where her pubes start.