The Taint-Shot! Samuree, Part I:

~I've mentioned before what a fan I am of artist Mark Beachum...
You can see evidence of it in various posts and videos of mine.  And it's no secret that he's... a bit of a perv.  
-So, much to the shock of no one- his pencils on 1987's Samuree #1 by Continuity Comics feature a lot of, what I call; "taint-shots":

-It's like a 'panty-shot'... but more:

Inks by Ian Akin & Brian Garvey...

-And this is just the first issue!

Story (because that's why we're here...) by Neal Adams.

-And stupid kids on The Internet wanna fucking complain about Marvel and DC comics "objectifying" fictional women?!?   HA!  -Did I mention that the character in question here is underage?
FUCK IT!  -Let's see that taint!!!

There's also a bit of the old ultra-violence:

-Fucking OUCH!!!

-So stay tuned for much more, as I am reading through the entire series sequentially... for the first time!


  1. are you sure that's Akin & Garvey? i'm pretty familiar with them among other things they inked several issues of ROM and that doesn't look anything like what i've seen from them. speaking of which i saw your comment over at the ROM blog i'm afraid my opinion of hickman took a serious dip after he destroyed Galador and as far as pulling a trigger i'd be happy to do it as long as the barrel is in marvel's mouth or up it's ass.

    and as far as the gore in the Armor series nothing beats this "splash" page http://suicidesquadtaskforcex.blogspot.com/2012/10/i-got-your-fu-splash-page-right-here.html

    1. It absolutely is them- credited on the first page. They inked most of the run, and then they inked with Neal Adams for the remaining issues.

      Oh, dudge; Infinity SUCKED ASS. I hated it. I hated how he was forced to insert it into the story he'd already been telling for years... New Avengers came to a screeching, jumbled halt when Infinity happened... I hated it. Well, I liked the Thanos half of the story- but all the shit out in space with the gold deer-people and builders and what-the-fuck-ever... truly awful.
      BUT- when Thor threw his hammer around the sun to give it crazy momentum to come back and kill that "unkillable" guy? Okay, that was pretty fucking awesome.

      Nice! Yeah, Continuity Comics sure got away with a lot- especially considering how they marked themselves exclusively for kids! I mean... there are soooooo many taint-shots still to come......

    2. kinda reminds me of Superman (Christopher Reeves RIP) flying around the Earth continuously until it starts to revolve in the opposite direction in order to go back in time an hour so he can save Lois. makes perfect sense from a quantum physics stand point : )

      as for Akin & Gary that's so weird they're inks are completely unrecognizable here they typically have a ink stroke and fill style that is very unique to them . . .

  2. Whoa! That last panel with the knife sliding into that guy's arm. Fucking OW!
    That Beachum dude must be the undesputed king of the taint shot. Must be one of those who sees it alot and just choices to use it in his work regardless of what the writer's directions for the page are.
    *Needs more taint shot!*
    He's never been convicted of kiddie porn or anything like that right? Just asking.

    1. Right? That's a brutal looking panel...

      He is, for sure; The King! (Sorry, Kirby! -Should have drawn more taints!!!) AND NO HE HAS NOT!!! The man just knows what he likes to draw... nothing wrong with that.