~The Marvel Universe desperately needs a tune-up...

"Eh?  How odd.  I suddenly find myself suspended in some kind of particle."

Best. Title. EVER.

Check out Baron Karza up there in that flashback mural... a little Micronauts love.

The Quantum Mechanic!  -Such a cool fucking premise for a character...

The Marvel Universe DEFINITELY does not take care of their Probability Maintenance.  I blame that lousy Richards!

(This was a back-up-story from 1989's The Web of Spider-Man Annual #5)

Don't worry; some bullshit will negate this... you'll see-

...Spoiler: It's The Spectacular Spider-Man.


  1. Goddamn that art's so dated. Now I don't have an issue with how it's laid out or Ditko's story-telling abilities, just that ugly-ass art.

    I guess overall it's not bad, but not exactly thrilling either. Pretty cool that Prof. Swann got a solo story though, and got to play the hero for a change, but yeah, don't think this one was ever in danger of setting the world on fire.
    Definitely expected better from a vet like Conway though.
    I think his new stuff with Carnage seems to be okay though.

    1. All older comic art is dated though; 60's, 80's... fuck, just look at the 90's stuff! -Eek...
      Even the old stuff by good artists like Bagley, or JRJR is dated by how much they have improved. (-And Frank Miller dated by how much he has degraded!)
      So no more Ditko-bashing! I find his style timeless and charming and I never understood all the hate it elicited.

      Come on, man! It's The Quantum-Mechanic Vs. Spider-Man's Professor: Dr. Evan Swann AKA Captain Universe!!! It's the coolest thing to happen this week!!! ...this week in 1989.

      On Reed & Family's adventures off creating universes- they need to run into more of these guys. It could be a whole Quantum Repair Corporation. Get Allred on art and I'm sold!

  2. To each his own on later Ditko. I prefer 50's-60's Ditko myself, but to each his own. Again, not doubt he was a master at story-telling and pacing, but his later work just did not age well at all.

    Somewhat of a point on Bagely and JRJR, although Bagely's style hasn't really changed all that much, he's just a bit more refined in his style, and the way he lays out a panel/characters/pages, but it's still recognizably him, which is not a knock on him at all. Dan Jurgans is very much in the same boat for me.
    JRJR's style has evolved a good bit from his blocky 90's days, but not always in a good way. Kick-Ass was just that, kick-ass, but his recent Superman run was the drizzling shits. Just fugly.

    Yeah I guess the Quantum Repairman does have a certain bit of charm to him true. He reminds me a bit of iconic blue collar guys, like the Michelin Man, The Maytag man, and Mario. All iconic- blue collar workers.
    I'm sold though heavily on Mike Allred drawing and/or slightly re-designing him.
    I mean If you read SS#11, then you know how psychedelic he can get, so that'd be cool. Shit, I'd add the guy that currently draws Squirrel Girl (I could see her fighting him too) and maybe, maybe the artist on that new Power Man and Iron Fist series.

    1. Well, I mean; everyone prefers 50-60's Ditko...

      I think Bagley has improved a LOT- his people are less stiff, and his faces and expressions are just SO much better now... When I go back to even just Spider-Man it's jarring how different it looks. -To me anyways... I used to idolize his art on that book, and now I'm like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......
      I totally agree about Jurgans, hundred percent.
      Man, when JRJR first drew The Shocker... and he looked like a menacing refrigerator box. -That was so awesome.

      Allred's entire run on Surfer has been nothing short of a masterpiece. The Vision too. SUCH great stories with these characters who haven't had a great story in a good long while...

  3. Captain Universe is such a cool concept. It came back lately but you cant tell anymore. There are so many comics from the publishers atm, that when a cool name does resurface you can easilly miss it in the haze.

    Like cocaine fans, I miss the smaller tighter lines of the 80's.

    Thanks for the free comic!

    1. Such a very cool concept! -I always wished they did more with it. Was there a new series? When???
      See, you're right- I totally missed it.
      Apparently she was an Avenger for a bit in 2013... I was not reading much new stuff then.
      I just thought it was too fun of a little story not to share.