~The Punisher meets Moon Knight!


                       ......but first-

The Punisher gets a job!?:

"-I'll kill ALL of your friends!!!"

The set-up to these pages (from The Punisher Annual #6, 1993, by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, and Dave Hoover) is this: A man that Frank Castle served with in 'Nam is murdered, and it turns out his brother was murdered just the week before...  Punisher figures his daughter is surely next on the hit-list, so he gets himself hired as her new bodyguard (after beating up the former bodyguards and throwing them off a yacht, of course).  Turns out she's one of them... whatchamacallit; entitled fuck princesses? -Hilarity ensues:

"UGH! Fire Exits get me SO hot!!!"

-I just kept thinking: It would have been SO fuckin' funny if he'd have actually done all that coke!

...but then a stupid-looking robot with a VERY thin waist, wearing a weird brown-leather-onesie with a high-collar, comes in and attacks them... because of course it does.
It really is a good story, though- each of the annuals that were out this year debuted a brand new character.  -And they were VERY hit-or-miss.  Eradikator 4 was just a miss for me...  
Anyways, wrapping up this little side-story:

Seriously; what a different story this would have been if Punisher did all that coke, then bent her over the hood of the car...

I just wanted to show these pages because Frank's a class-act. Despite his vigilante methods- there is no doubt to me that The Punisher is, at heart, a straight-up superhero.

I mean; come on. 

Someone like Foolkiller would have just shot her in the face.  -Yaamean?


And now...
...you've been waiting for it-


The Punisher meets Moon Knight!!!:

The Punisher Annual #2, 1989, by Mike Baron & Bill Reinhold

Oh, shit!  Here we go... this is gonna be so...


ohhhhhh no...

I don't know what everyone else's problem with The Punisher is- Frank seems very personable to me...

...huh...... The Punisher meets Moon Knight did not go at all like I had expected it would...

Somebody call David Hasselhoff!!!


  1. Ha ha, oh yeah it really wwould;ve been a MUCH, MUCH different story had Frank done some blow. I imagined he'd be all freaked the fuck out, doing his best Punisher 2099 impression, killing any fucking thing that moved while singing "The Bear Necessities" song from Disney's Jungle Book.

    God knows I'd have fucked that bitch six ways to sunday. JAYSUS!!!!!

    As for that meeting between Frank and Marc, good on Mike Baron for bucking tradition and having them actually admire each other. I know Marc didn't openly intend to kill back then, but he wasn't hardcore against it either. Shit, the war stories they could swap with each other, especially during their years in the military...now that's an issue someone like Garth Ennis needs to write.

    1. I think I even remember reading an issue of Punisher where he got all doped up with narcotics by some bad guys... And he was acting all super-nuts while on them.
      Can you imagine a druggie-Punisher? -Doing a line off the barrel of his sniper-rifle before taking some mob-boss out...

      Punisher gets along with so few other heroes... I know he respects the fuck outta Cap, because he is a fellow soldier. (I always thought that was cool.) But, yeah- it was nice to see them pretty much hit it off instantly- the story gets all "buddy-cop-movie" with them too.

      Dude- I would love to see a Garth Ennis one-shot that's a bunch of Marvel heroes who were soldiers sitting around having drinks together and telling war-stories.

  2. That's pretty much Ennis' specialty, war stories, so that'd work. I had an idea once about a Team 7-like team that featured former military-trained superheroes like Wolverine, Captain America, Moon Knight, War Machine, etc. They should really do an Elseworld-like story or mini like that.

    Frank doing coke of a barrel before he shoots someone? Sounds like Nuke(Frank Sampson)'s deal. hell yeah.