WARNING!: Do NOT attempt to headbutt-the-fuck out of Speedball.

-That's just a bad move...

It gets bigger every time I jerk, too...

From 1989's Speedball: The Masked Marvel #8 by Steve Ditko

The attacker/villain of this issue is called Bonehead.  Think of him as a dime-store, Ben Franklin version of Hammerhead... His whole deal is just that he, literally, has a thick skull.  They can't ALL be winners!!!


  1. Ha ha, nice. Let me guess, he didn't stick around long enough to warrant a rematch right?;)

    1. -He got a terrible migraine and was thrown in jail.


      He DID actually come back for a rematch, though! Rebound busted him outta jail once to steal Speedball's cat Niels. -He failed horribly and went straight back to jail.

  2. I'd say he deserved better, but no, not really. He's lucky his badly-drawn Hammerhead-wanna-be ass even got a 2nd appearance. Damn,time was and has, not been good to Ditko's art style has it?

    1. You know what they say: "Two appearances in a Speedball comic is your ticket to The BIG TIMES!!!"

      Eh, I never minded it... There's far worse in comics right now, in my opinion.